Im Desperate To Be A Mother

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fatima - June 30

HI Ive been trying for 3 months to get pregnant, Ive never been on any form of contraception, and Ive had normal periods all my life. Ive waitied 11 years to marry my partner due to family problems and now we finally made it, Im so eager to get pregnant cause IM nearly 32 and definitly want at least 3 kids. Why is it so impossible to get pregnant, we're humping like rabbits and so excited but nothing! I know it can take time, but if its not happening now, why would it necessarily happen later!??? Please give me some encouragement/advice. cheers


hi - June 30

Giving it only three months sometimes just isn't long enough. I know it's hard, but being patient will ultimately be the best for both of you. Your nearly 32, you're not old, you'll still be young when you're 32 and perfectly capable of getting pregnant. Don't worry so much. The worry & stress you're putting yourself under can be contributing to your difficulty in conceiving. Relax, your body knows when it's time, and will take care of it for you. For some couples, it's even harder, taking years sometimes. Not to say that that will be your case, but to try to encourage you that you've only just begun and anything can happen. Think positively, and keep us posted! LOTS of babydust!!!


Mary - June 30

fatima, girl! Please, please do not get upset about it! I am 36 expecting my first and believe me ttc was the hardest part for me, too! I got pregnant 2 times in 1 year and a half. When I first got pregnant, at 6 mos ttc, I was so happy, but the pregnancy was ectopic and it had to be terminated. Eventually I got preggers again and I am now on my 5th month. All I can tell you is that babies come when they want to, not when you want them to come! So relax, and listen to your body above all things. I am a true believer that your body wants to get pregnant (afterall we are just animals and procreation is high on our bodies list) so pay attention to your body's messages, they may be subtle, but every month that you did not concieve was an opportunity to learn your body's message. On my last attempt I felt when I ovulating! I got slight cramps in the middle of the month. These cramps lasted less than 1/2 hour, but boy, oh boy, they felt like menstrual cramps during the days I was expecting to be ovulating! So I waited about 8 hours to make sure the egg was on its way down and then I chased my hubby down and we made a baby! There are other symptoms that may give it away too, every woman is different - b___st tenderness, v____al discharge changes, simply the way you look or feel at a certain day, pimples or lack thereof ... just pay attention every month to these small changes and in no time you will learn about your body for this baby and for the next 2 you have planned! rember we are animals wo thrive to survive and procreate, and our bodies are very in tune with this knowledge!


Karen - June 30

First off your not too old. I understand how you feel though. It took me 7 months and one miscarriage to get where I am today. I am expecting my first child in Sept. After my miscarriage I taught it would never happen again, After many prayers and faith it did and guess what .... at a time I least expected it to. God sends those little angels when he knows we are ready. There is nothing like perfect timing. Much baby dust to you


ME - June 30

I have been trying for 5 years so 3 months is nothing your lucky your not in my shoes!!!


fatima - June 30

Thanks for all your quick replies!!! And its so nice to finally speak to you all, Ive been reading messages for last 3 months but been too scared to write in. I feel selfish hearing about all your experiences and expecting pregnancy to happen to me perfectly. Im totally new to this and I cant speak to anyone about it. I will take all your advise on board, but I dont understand how to moniter my body, I fell like I have no signs!!! except 1 week prior to getting my period, which is just confusing......we normally try our best to concieve on days 10 to 14 of my cycle (as the text books say) but I dont get obvious discharge, changes in b___sts, tummy aches and I think I get confused that these signs may be due to something else! Could you advise me out to understand these signs? Looking forward to hearing from you.


Karen - June 30

When you are trying to conceive, your body can play many tricks on you and you can even experience pregnany symtoms. These are also close to PMS. Again I would suggest you relax expecially during s_x and let it happen. If that is all your thinking about it is harder to happen. I would also recommend that once your husband has ejaculated (come) in you , is to relax in bed for about 10 -20 mintutes before going to the bathroom. This will give the sperm time to travel up to your egg. Good Luck


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 30

Fatima~ Sounds like you might just be having a problem pin pointing your fertile days, which can be extremely hard if you don't have ovulation symptoms. Try this.....Go to a drug store, Walmart or Target and get a Ovulation Predictor Kit. You can find them right next to the condoms and pregnancy tests. Generic or store brands work just as well as the more expensive name brand. Basically, you dip the stick in your urine (which you can collect in a cup) and it will tell you if ovulation is going to happen in the next 36 hours or so. I got pregnant the first try using these with my last pregnancy. Good luck! :o)


Lissi - June 30

Relax! I know it's hard when you want it so much, but 3 months is no time at all! Just enjoy humping like rabbits. Stress isn't very helpful when you're TCC. It takes a year on average for a healthy couple. It could take 2 years even if there's nothing wrong with you. Glad to hear you and your husband are finally together. Just make the most of that time together, because when the baby does finally arrive, it will never be the same again. :) I'm 34 and only just pregnant with my first, so I understand why you're so impatient. I also would like 3. Good luck!


To Fatima - June 30

I don't know one woman who isn't a little selfish in one way or another, pregnant or no. Don't worry, we're glad to have you here! Babydust!


KrisD - June 30

Like Karen said, the body can play tricks on you! I had no clue as to when I was ovulating... We tried for 8 months with no luck. I bought an ovulation prediction kit (it was kind of expensive, but worth its weight in gold) and the first month we used it we got pregnant! Some women ovulate on day 16 or 18... It is so hard to know if you can't read the signs. I couldn't. By the way, I am your age. We have plenty of years left in us for making more babies.


P - June 30

Hi Fatima. I was 33 when I got pregnant. I got pregnant in Feb. 2004 had a m/c in April. Got pregnant again in June and had my baby girl in March!! We had s_x every other day from day 10 after the first day of my last period, until day 20. I was never very good at reading my body signs either and this way was so much easier than peeing in/on things, taking my temperature, making charts etc. etc. etc. This way keeps it fun still and I've heard it works for many people. Good luck to you and let us know how it goes.


soleil - June 30

Relax, im sure it will happen soon. o yea my doctor told me if you are ttc to have s_x every other day, it helps the guy rebuild their sperm or something. Try not to rely on when you are suppose to ovulate cuz anything can affect it like diet, excersize, stress, etc. Try not to stress cuz that affects fertility. GOOD LUCK!



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