Im Just A Little Worried

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Isabelle - August 27

Hi i am only going to be 17 this august...And ive had s_x with a condom ofcourse. I try to be really really safe. I just want to know what are the chances of being pregnant WITH condoms...and they never broke or anything. Im just really worried because my partner is worried cause he was a virgin before.I dont want to take a pregnancy test YET because im still waiting for my period...its not late at all just still can anyone help me out?


baby belly - August 8

Your chances of being pregnant are VERY unlikely. If you are really worrying, take a home pregnancy test to set your mind at ease.Take one, and wait about 4 days then take the other. It will be quite accurate.


Cindy - August 8

well i dont want to sound stupid or anything..but there like 20 bucks :(


Isabelle - August 8 having stomach aches signs of being pregnant? Or is it just my mind thinking it and its just my period coming or something?


baby belly - August 8

at some pharmacys u can get two in a box for like 15 bucks.Ask your bf to pay half maybe? and you could be imagining stomach pains because that is common, but the week before I was due to get a prd I got cramps reallyyy bad and I dont usually have cramps.that was one symptom of pregnancy for me.


Isabelle - August 8

Well...even the early pregnancy tests say to take it when you missed your period i didnt even miss it still waiting.


Jodie - August 8

Your chances of becoming pregnant are VERY small since you used a condom. If you are still worried about it take a test.


Isabelle - August 8

Thanks everyone i feel alot better about it now..i know we were safe and all..and im probably not pregnant..wish me luck.


Isabelle - August 9

well...i cant sleep at all.. I just hope im not.I was safe :( Im getting stomach aches...and i still have to wait about a week and a half till i get my period..i havent missed my period yet so i cant even take a test that early.And i dont even think i have money for a test :(


Nay - August 9

doesnt the town you live in have those planned parenthood places? Or places that you can go to to have a pregnancy test done free of cost? If you are worried of parents finding out I know for a fact they cant call or tell your parents. I would check into one of those places if you cant come up with the money to buy one.


Isabelle - August 14

Welll i got my period. This site only made me more nervous cause theres un real statements made here..that you could actually get pregnant on birth control pills...its just makes people more stressed and scared. so i stop going here.


Holly - August 27

*Isabelle* Dont worrrrrrry About it your stressing your self out... You are definitely NOT PREGO` You should research all this stuff b4 you become s_xually active!


Isabelle - September 18

im back once 3 days late on my period and i had PERTECTED s_x what are the chances i am pregnant? im under lots of stress with the guy breaking up with me and this just delaying it? when should i worry?


Samantha - September 18

If you used a condom, it's less than 3%. You may want to wait a LONG TIME before you have s_x again. Is the stress from worrying about it each month worth it? This alone should be a sign that should not be having s_x now.


Viv - September 18

If you want more peace of mind with contraception, use contraceptive fowm or suppository along with a condom. The combination is almost 100%. Then if you stay away from Days 8 - 15 you would be bombproof. Only thing is, oral would be out.


Isabelle - September 18

my last period was aug. 14th and its sept. 18th i really late? i dont even know..i havent had any syptoms...except really bad stomach cramps..and i expected to wake up with my period but i havent :(


Isabelle - September 20

Hey everyone i hope everyone sees this.. i took a pregnancy test and it wasnt hard buying at all the lady didnt give me and bad looks or anything.I took the test alone in the bathroom..and i thought i was going crazy cause i MIGHT of saw the line before i even took the test.. i thought that was just the ink..and when i turn it around the ressults would be on the other side. i took the test and its 6 days past my missed period and the results are one line. Did anyone ever see the line BEFORE even taking the test?



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