Im Og Now My Friend Is Trying Im Mad Do I Have That Right

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amb - October 5

yes i know there will always by copying in the world but i truly feel like she got mad cause i got pg, and that hurts my feelings. everyone else i told was so happy for me and yet my friend cant be happy. this isnt the only time shes been like this and i know shes doin it bc im pg, its mean to say that but its the truth. maybe if she hadnt been so adimant (sp) that i not get pg. she was always telling me not to have more kids, yet its none of her business how many kids i have. i always b__w what she says and does off but this time im truly hurt and p__sed off at her. maybe if she had said yeah we are trying too it wouldnt be a big deal but she kept saying yeah we are going to wait atleast another year. now that im getting attention, she doesnt like it!


t - October 5

Sounds pretty childish, but it's natural. I am the youngest of 4 girls and am preg. for the first time. When I was 3 mos. my sister told me she was pregnant and as I should have been happy for her, I felt kind of annoyed. That was my own problem, ridiculous, but human I guess. Get over it, you are not like her and if you are, have fun living your life in high school


amb - October 5

to t: i dont livemy life in high school but thanks. i came here for "helpful" advice and some opinions but its people like you who feel the need to be rude. but you know its all good. :-) have a good one


t - October 5

Wow, just read more responses. This is why I don't have many girlfriends. You get what you put out there. Sounds like yall are made for eachother. Let's be open and honest with our feelings and remember that everone is different. All you have control over is what you do, think and say. Buck up ladies.


t - October 5

That wasn't rude, but I guess my 2nd post is. Rude people have opinions, but I'm not rude. Hope everything works out for you.


d - October 5



have to agree w/ t - October 5

on one point--most chicks suck and have no idea how to be a good friend because they are too busy competing with each other or just scheming all the time. Think about that, the last really cool relationship you had with a girl was probably in elementary school.


Christy - October 5

I think the best the you can do is give up this friendship?!! and move on. She's not worth the worry. There are always people like her and it's best to not even a__sociate with them. Good luck in your pregnancy.


Mkasju - October 5

Yes you're very's her right to have another kid if she, settle down!


Tess - October 5

I would hate to think that this poor child was conceived because she wants to be compet_tive. Maybe the reason she was against you having more kids is because she had been trying with no luck and was jealous. Just be happy for her! I don't want to call you selfish since I don't know you, but I think you should be happy for your friend. You guys don't really sound like friends, to tell you the truth. If you were real friends would this even be an issue?


Andrea - October 5

Lay off of Amb...she just asked an honest question; why do people have to resort to name-calling? I'd like to know what peeves some of you other ladies may have, because I'm sure some would merit being attacked then, as well. Being copied is extremely annonying, and while I don't think Amb should let it bother her, I DO think that if you have an opinion you can state it without acting pompish. She's pregnant, her friend accuses her of not being ready for another, and not having enough money and then bounces off and tries to get pregnant herself. I'd be irritated, too.


C - October 5

for childish :)


amb - October 5

WOW to the ones who gave nice advice thanks, i appreicate opinions especially honest ones. i do not like rude comments though. i think the ones who are being rude in their honesty have probably done this to their friend and feel the need to beat me down. The truth of the matter is this, you dont know me so you can not sit there and call selfish. im not selfish and maybe id be happy for her IF she had been happy for me a one point but NO she hasnt been happy for me and constantly puts me down in little ways. I try to d stuff with her and she doesnt want to but then says i never hang out with her. so go figure i give up. I asked her awhile ago if they were trying and she said NO so i have every right to be alittle irritated at her behavior now. for the ones who want to sit up here and call me selfish and to just be happy for her i say this if your friend wasnt happy for you how would you feel? yall supposed to be friends and yet all i get from her is you need to do this or do that. and i cant talk to her about it cause shes very defensive. and quite honestly i probably wont come back to this site and ask questions bc yall think you have the right to put people down. its all good, have a good one :-)


TruckinFool - October 5

Women....can't live with them and can't live without them. My sister has 2 boys and wants desperately to have a girl....well, now my wife and I are having a girl, and all of a sudden, what she once said, "Was it for kids" has changed....she asked her husband about having another kid, and he said HELL NO....oh well, some people are decent, most are *&$holes


J - October 5

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was talking to two of my close friends and they both said we are going to wait a year and then start trying cause there is soooo much we still need to do. Well one of them is pregnant now and the other one is trying. It is kind of annoying b/c it seems like they are just doing it b/c I got preg and so I know how you feel. I also have another friend who is pregnant now too but that didn't bug me as bad b/c she didn't sit there and preach to me about how she wanted to wait b/c there was so much more she wanted to do before she had kids and stuff. It might sound stupid, but it is annoying when people have to compete. Especially friends.


Hey Amb-This is t - October 5

No one is being rude, they are responding to what you asked-you should check out some of the other questions, people can be really mean here. You actually got a lot of support and similar experiences. One more thing, if you're not happy for her then your not happy for her. You can't not be happy for her because she wasn't happy for you-doesn't that make you feel odd?



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