Im Og Now My Friend Is Trying Im Mad Do I Have That Right

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OMG - October 6

Are you freaking serious? You're p__sed because your friend is wanting to have a baby? Who needs enemies with friends like you???? Good grief you selfish bitty, wish her luck and quit being so d__n selfish! Sounds like a dysfunctional relationship anyway. You sound so paranoid. Sounds like YOU are the jealous one!


amb - October 6

yes i called her those names but they are true ways she acts. and who knows why im friends with her. she doesnt act like this all the time only when i do or get something. any other time she can be a great friend. it may seem like a confusing statement and maybe i just needed to vent yesterday and who knows maybe its just horomones on a reason why i feel this way but i know one thing im sorry i ever posted this thread. the ones who have said harsh things to me and about me have made me feel really low about myself and i guess im not worthy of having friends. i think i figured it out, im the problem and your right she doesnt deserve a "friend" like me so yall got your point across. to the ladies who were so helpful, nice and supportive i so appreicate it and thank you so much. guess im meant to not have friends anymore!


kelli - October 6

i agree w/OMG (right above amb's last post). sounds like amb is jealous of her friend and is just bitter that she has to share the spotlight. i sure am glad i have HEALTHY relationships with my friends. 2 of mine are pregnant, along with myself, but we are all happy for each other!!!!!!! take a lesson amb.


to amb - October 6

amb, don't worry about it. Just remind yourself that you are hormonal, LIKE THE REST OF THE FINGER POINTING WOMEN HERE, and give yourself and your friend a break. After the babies arrive, it will be nice to have a friend to hang with. You may find that you need each other more than ever. Don't burn the bridge yet.


you said it! - October 6

Yep, sounds to me like Amb is the jealous one. doesn't want to share the spot light...any time! grow up, you both should be there for each other, not competing! I'd be happy if my best friend was trying to have a baby! Estatic! And if I was the reason why she wanted one, I'd be flattered and feel honoured! Amb, maybe it is your hormones, partially, but by the sounds of things, you are pretty sour about alot of things, prior to pregnancy. Some friend you are!


L - October 6

Perhaps you should end the friendship. It doesn't seem like either of you cares or respects the others. Sometimes we stay with friends with someone longer than we should.


yay - October 6

YIPPEEEE! i step away for a little while and when i come back, poof, the cranky woman is gone!! see ya "to kelli"!!



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