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jenny - December 20

i took a test to day and i found out im pregnant what do i do now.. how do i tell my parents...should i go the doctors tomorrow to make sure im defantlly pregnant.. i want to be pregnant i been tryin for months but i dont feel excited about it i dont feel anythink other than the need to go the loo every ten mins


Ba8y6irl - December 20

how old are you?? congrats!


Ba8y6irl - December 20

sorry after I read that it sounded kinda rude... I didn't even mean to be! I was just wondering... :)


jenny - December 20

im 18


Ba8y6irl - December 20

oh ok... so you said this was planned, are you married or in a long term relationship?? If you are it will prolly be easier to tell your parents. I would say to definately go and get a blood test done at your doctors... just to be sure, but I think you should wait for a bit to tell other people. Thats just a suggestion. You said this was planned, have you thought about a career or anything to support a baby? Have you finished school? I think it would be kind of irresponsible of you as a person to go and try to get pregnant if you don't have a career in mind. Because baby's are VERY expensive... they say you spend 1 million dollars on each child throughtout your lifetime. As for symptoms, going pee a lot is only the beginning. If you are serious about raising a child as a child yourself then feel free to live your life, but 18 is quite young if you don't have lots of money!! Whatever you chose to do good luck!


jenny - December 20

Ba8y6irl,why are you asking me so many nosey qustons


bo - December 20

no more questions and answers ok?


well, - December 21

why would you post here if you wernt expecting any "nosey" questions. and whats the point to your post?


Well - December 21

Seems to me that Ba8y6irl gave a pretty good answer with regard to telling your parents. Also, she made a good point about babies costing money and being expensive. To "I agree jenny" do you think that love makes the world go round? Give me a break. If you are planning to get pregnant, you had better have the finances to care for your child. I'm gonna bet that little 18 year old Jenny here and little boyfriend thought that it would be a good idea to get pregnant and now that they are are a little scared. Also, I bet that if Jenny lives in the States, all of us wonderful taxpayers are going to be paying for her prenatal care and her birth because she has no insurance. Also, Jenny, if you have been reading any of the questions and answers on this forum, they are all personal and nosey.


MeM - December 21

Well Jenny I would call your dr. to make sure that you are pregnant. Then I would let your parents know so that they can help support you. They might be upset but they will get over it. But Jenny was just asking a question, don't turn this into a doom thread.


whats the point - December 21

of asking her how old she is...or if she is in a commited relationship with someone...would you want people asking those things when you posted that you got a BFP? probably back off!


i agree jenny - December 21

to the lady "Well" love is very important to a growing child...IT DOESNT MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND...but it makes a huge differance in the LIFE OF A FRICIKING CHILD...if you dont get that, then maybe you should NOT have a child of your own...BABIES ARE EXPENSIVE YES...I AGREE, like i said before, but materialistic things is NOT ALL A BABY NEEDS! i understand that welfare and all of that is aggravating, but look at it from the point of veiw that we are helping to make a childs life better, not the parents. i know that welfare pretty much promotes laziness, but there is nothing that you or i could do to change getting p__sed off about it isnt going to do anything, but make you stressed for no reason...what is wrong with you anyways, why are you so fricking crabby? anyways, jenny, i wish you all the best of luck, i really wont be the first 18 year old to have a baby, and you wont be the will survive, and eventually you will be able to provide this baby with everything it has ever needed or wanted...just stay in school, and go to owe it not only to yourself, but to your unborn baby. good luck!


a - December 22

I think what's making everyone so upset is the fact that she has been trying to get pregnant for months, but only just started giving thought as to what she's gonna tell her parents ect. These are things you probably should have given more thought to before you tried so hard to get pregnant. If (God willing) it turns out you are not pregnant, maybe you should get on some form of birth control, and re-think this whole pregnancy thing.


jenn805 - December 25

Congrats!! im 5 weeks pregnant myself and very happy.


krc - December 25

Heck, I didn't go to college! when I got pregnant I had no job, sleeping in my dad's living room, tags expired on my car, & my bank was overdrawn! It's was a bad year, the baby's father died when I was 2 weeks pregnant. All has changed though, tags are good, got a job, etc..... . You can never plan for these things. If every woman waited till she was" ready " the population would be cut in half! A career, money, married/relationship or not doesn't define how you raise your child. All they really need is unconditional love, food, and a roof! Babies are expensive huh. Well women have been bearing children since..forever ! haha We did just fine before money was invented! I say if your poor, a cloth diaper can be washed and the b___b is free milk!!!! Cant afford baby food....puree your own food! Baby got a dont need prescription meds, try the natural/herbal approach. Thats how they did it in the old days and were all still here!


NOT TRUE! - December 27

I am sorry but I had to nose in. I had my first child when I was 17 and my now DH and then A-hole BF was only 16. We have now been together for 9 years and married for 2. I went on tograduate 4th in my high school cla__s and went on to graduate with a bachelors of science in Civil Engineering with great honors. My husband is a successful home theater/car audio business owner. I beg your parton about these children having children. DON'T prejudge anyone based on their age! I am probably doing alot better that you at 24. I live in a multi-million dollar home and drive a brand new mercedes and I make an honest living with no debt!


Well - December 27

To the last poster, how do you live in a multi-million dollar house and drive a brand new Mercedes without any debt? Did you pay cash for both? LOL.



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