Im Rh Need Help

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megan - September 10

im 23 weeks and i have to get that shot but what if something gose wrong. my dr. said that this pregnants will be ok. but what if its not. what if something gose wrong i fell him kick now i dont want to lose my son. peps. have told me that i could if the shot dosent work like its should.plezzzzzzzz. someone that is Rh- and has or is going thru this plez anything u can tell me would be a big help. my first pregnancy. im only 18 and unlike most of the other teens my boyfriend and i both wanted this baby.


Confidence - September 11

oh lordy ! .... you're looking for answers from someone who has gone through with it .... ummm its not like you have a choice with the shot . We know someone who went through with it and the baby is born and alive and well . Go with it and am allowed to say .... don't worry and overwhelm yourself with the situation . don't back down now because it does get worse with every pregnancy and the odds are still very good even after the first preg . I hope you don't think I'm lying .


Ranya - September 11 You'll find that in this day and age the chances of losing your baby are minimal to non-existent...Stop panicking and read more and ask your doctor more questions until you feel comfortable with the situation and can continue enjoying your pregnancy. Good luck!


nhb - September 11

I'm RH negative, and I've had four pregnancies now (only one other that made it past 12 weeks--this is my second that I'm making it through!), and I've had the shot at least five times. It's worked fine for me--it doesn't feel too great (I have to get it in the hip, I imagine you will too?), but I haven't had it hurt the baby in any way.


Sara - September 11

I am also rh- had the shot with my 2nd preg as the first baby is never effectect it is a shot they give you in the b___t I will be getting mine soon do not worry unless your hb is rh+ then it conflits outherwise you and baby will be just fine


megan - September 16

what if he is RH-


Annabell - September 16

Im rh- I had one pregnancy that was just fine, i lost my baby at 16 weeks do the my rh-. and im recently ttc. You should get the shot its in the best intrest of your child. If you love him then get it done. It'll work trust em in very rare cases they dont work and i mean rare. YOu'll be fine dont worrie worring and stressing isnt good for the baby. He wants a happy mama so just get your shot and everything will be fine... best of luck -Annabell


tiffani~45 days to go!! - September 17

I'm also rh negative. I am on my 3rd pregnancy (currently in my 33rd week) and everything appears to be going well. I should also mention that my first 2 pregnancies resulted in happy/ healthy babies. I've had the Rhogham shot in each of my pregnancies, and with this one, I actually had the shot twice because of some bleeding in my 11th week. If you are rh negative, it is in the best interest of your unborn child, and any future children you may want to get the shot. Hope this helps!! :o)



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