Im Scared Something Is Wrong

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bchorinsteinre - February 14

About once or twice a week i feel little pains in the area my uterus is. Its like little needles poking into me, but I cant find symptoms like this anywhere. I dont know if something is wrong or if i am just over reacting. Has anyone else expierenced this? Or know what im talking about? What it may be?


DownbutnotOUT - February 14

ya i get it all the time, im 23 weeks 3 days preggers, its just the stretching of the ligaments and uterus I would casually mention it to your dr though.


bchorinsteinre - February 14

Yeah I would have told my Dr. sooner but everything else i have mentioned to her she just told me i was overreacting and to not worry abou it... Thank you for your time ^_^


jen327 - February 14

Hi, yes I agree it is the stretching. But I felt weird about asking my OB all these questions and she made me feel like I was silly, well I switched OB's and my new OB is awesome. I can ask her questions as much as I want and never once have I felt silly. She even called me to follow up aabout 1 question. You should never be uncomforable about asking your doctor a question, silly or not :)


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 15



kate18 - February 18

hello there girlz, im new to this, but i would just like to know when will i start to feel my baby, i am now 20 weeks and 2days pregnant and i havent felt a think. is this normal? kate x


DownbutnotOUT - February 18

hey Kate I have heard of many women not feeling baby move till way later in there pregnancy and than have healthy little peanuts.


kate18 - February 19

thanks for that. it makes me feel much better. its just that i think im quite big for nearly 21 weeks. and i feel that i should feel some movement. kate x


kpeck - February 19

Kate, you may have felt him/her and not realized it. My "flutters" feel sort of like a very soft tickle in my belly and sometimes... to be frank... like I have gas. But, as downbutnotout said, I have heard that some don't feel anything until later. Oh, I agree... the pains are probably stretching. It is worse some days than others. No blood, right? And, changing OB's isn't a bad idea, if she makes you feel silly... you shouldn't have to. Its a strange time, you should feel comfortable asking whatever!



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