Im Starting To Get Irritated Could It Be True This Time

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Kim - June 30

Ok... i have thought i was pregnant a few times before because me and my bf have unprotected s_x but i never really am... but about a week and a half ago i thought i was sick because i would feel nausea and dizziness just all of a sudden and i didnt think anythingaobut it until people kept asking me if i was pregnant...well that still continues i feel like i will puke sometimes but never do... also i have headaches like crazy along with that... but the weird thing is i had my period which only lasted tow days and it was normal then stopped and i spotted for 3 days and i never have that lower stomach feels way bloated and i cant suck it in well anymore... i also have been burping and farting a little more than usual and i feel sonstipated sometimes and then when i have to go i go... its weird... and this is weird but my back and chest and stomach have been itching... could ibe pregnant for real this time or is all in my head again... we are trying to get pregnant so i hope it could be true.... :/


Kim - June 30

Oh yeah i have been really tired lateyl and do have lower abdomen pains but cant tell if its ramps or gas because i never get cramps ( when im on my period that is)


dear - June 30

It sounds like you could be pregnant, but like everyone else on here will most likely tell you....the ONLY way to know for sure is to take a hpt or see your doctor. Good luck!


Kim - June 30

I know but i have bought like 3 different pregnancy tests before and they are expensive... well kind of.. i was just wanting to know if anyone felt this or not when they were pregnant....


ok - June 30

Well, it could have been that you were testing too early. The absolute BEST way to know? Have your doctor do a blood test.


me - June 30

you could also get tests at the dollar store for a dollar....they are pretty reliable too...


Jbear - June 30

Walmart usually has tests for four dollars...It's always better to get the pack with two tests in it, because if it's positive you'll want another before you believe it, and if it's negative you'll want to test again in a couple of days.


keeks - June 30

Baby Dust!!!!



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