Im Unable To Sleep Goshhhhh

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sleepless - October 8

For some reason, For the past couple nights, i have been unable to sleep. I was tossing and turning but every position i would try and sleep in, either my stomach felt like it was pulling or my back was just in tremendous pain. Is this something that i am going to have to deal with through out my pregnancy. I am only a month along???????


Jen - October 8

Wow you have a long way to go sister sorry to say it gets much much worse. Enjoy the sleep you get now cause by 34 weeks good sleep is unheard of.


sleepless - October 8

It gets worse? hell, this is going to be horrible ha ha. I wake up like twice to three times a night because my bladder is constantly full and now i am starting to have sleep less nights and i am barley in my beginning of pregnancy? Damn, this is going to be hell lol. But is is all worth it =)


Jen - October 8

once u get near the 2nd trimester you will probably be able to sleep better. I am just over 36 weeks and the other night I started crying cause I was so uncomfortable. I can't wait till this is over!


sleepless - October 8

Oh yes, i know how you feel. I have been so tired and last night, i tried goign to sleep hmm i should say around 9:15 and i probably didnt fall asleep until hmm maybe 2:30 in the early morning. And from then, i woke up maybe an hr later to go to the restroom, went back to bad, woke up again because i was hungary and since then, i just said forget it. Every time i try to fall asleep, its just a matter of time before something wakes me up


Lisa - October 8

I'm just going into my 19th week and I can't sleep either. I started this around my 12th week and it has not stopped so I'm sure it's only going to get worse. May be it's natures way of preparing us for when the baby comes as there will be no sleep then either...


ally - October 8

why cant u guys sleep? your size makes a difference doesn't it, i was so exhausted i'd nap during the day if i was home and sleep til 10 am when i stopped working, sleep now, do try as altho i have the 730 8 am or even 9 am waker who sleeps all nite .. i am still tired........They say pregnant women have trouble sleeping and i met them, i just thank god it didnt happen to me..... Exercise more not that i do or did but it may help to tire u out if ur having difficulty getting to sleep. Hope it all gets better


R.A. - October 9

I put a soft comfy pillow between my legs which makes it more comfortable! between the knees


have 3 - October 9

for me around 8-12 wks i was dead to the world but than the sleepless nights hit gust wait till your 7mts along you want to have it but you know you have mts left!!! but yes it is worth it sleep while you can good luck!!!!!!!!!


sleepless - October 9

Alright, well i had the same problem last night. I think that i am going to consult my Dr about it sooner then what i was going to do. I woke up about three times to go to the restroom, two times to eat, and over all, the full night i was waking up because of my sever back pain. I put a pillow under my back to be arched, thought it would help.. didn't. I then put three pillows under my knees, didn't help either. I am not a big girl. I am average( about 130 now maybe i am gain weight) but i am not over weight so i don't understand what is the problem hear=(


Lisa - To Ally - October 9

If we knew why we could not sleep, we would do something about it. I do exercise and I still have problems. I don't nap during the day either. Consider yourself lucky.


Lissi - October 9

Yes, it does get worse, but make the most of it , because once the baby arrives, not only do you get no sleep, but you have to try and function properly in order to care for this little person. It's soooo hard!


annie - October 9

I got the boppy pillow and some lavendar scent. That has helped me alot.


Lisa - October 9

I can't believe it, I actually slept the whole night through last's been ages since I have done that. I woke up at 6 but I still slept all was nice.


sleepless - October 9

Oh Lisa, you are absolutely lucky that you get to sleep. But for some reason, my back is keeping me up all night long. Including my hunger and my bladder.=) Maybe its time to get a new mattress. Again, just siting right hear my back is hurting.=( That is really normal in early pregnancy's? Wouldn't you think that that would occur later on when the baby has really started taking over the body


Lisa - To Sleepless - October 9

I could not believe it myself. I have not slept the whole night through in a very long time. I did however do my normal 2 or 3 trip to the lou; but it was more of a sleepwalk really. I did not fully wake...thank god! I'm just into my 19th week today and my back still aches as well. I try to get a couple pregnancy ma__sages a month which helps and some warm baths before I go to bed. I find if I have a really nice bath then wear some really warm snuggly bed clothes and drink something warm that helps me fall asleep better...


sleepless - October 9

I think that i am going to try that. Over where i live, the weather is getting a bit cold, so i am finding myself thinking more about hot chocolate( mm MM good) So i think later on tonight, i am going to take a nice, warm bath, Drink some hot chocolate, and get snugged into bed. If that does not help me to fall asleep and get a restful nights sleep, then i do not know what will work. I just can not believe that i am about maybe Mmm i should say 6 weeks into the pregnancy and this is occurring for me now. But i have noticed that my eating habits are increasing tremendously and that is just in the last two to three days. Whoa, i hope that i do not become a blimp in the next month



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