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Sue - August 25

Hi All. I have not skipped my pill in about 6 years (!) and this week I skipped one day! Hubby and I would be very excited if I have fallen pregnant though! About a week ago I did a hpt and it came back negative. Then after missing the pill I thought I would just wait for my next period which is due in 2 weeks to see. My questin now is, for the past two days I have been having spotting which has NEVER happened in all the years I have been on the pill. I have read on your sites about imlantation bleeding and would like to know if anyone can fill me in a bit more please, and let me know if this could be a sign of being pregnant? Thanks very much!!


jb - August 25

Well, It could be implantation bleeding. I must say though just missing one pill, give very little chance for pregnancy. For 7 years I forgot pills and took them at all different times and never got pregnant. Only took me 4 weeks to get preg after I went off the pill though. If you think you are pregnant, you shouldnt still be taking the pill, they dont recommend it. Good luck!


Sue - August 25

Thanks jb. I can't wait, I am too excited, think I will take another hpt! Will keep you posted!


kris - August 25

Sue, you are more than likely spotting BECAUSE you missed your pill and are probably not pregnant. If you said this is the first time in 6 years that you missed a pill and this is the first time since you've been on the pill that this has happened, it makes more sense that the spotting is because of the missed pill. You don't ovulate when you are on the pill, and missing just one pill isn't going to make you ovulate, so I would say it would take a miracle in order for you to be pregnant.


moi - August 25

you're period will start if you stop taking the pill. you know how you take the pill for 3 weeks, then stop, you get your period for a week? Even if you stop taking the pill, when you should be during that 3 weeks, your period will start. your probably just getting your period. However, my sister in law forgot to take the pill one day, 9 months later she had a beautiful baby boy! It CAN happen!


to moi - August 25

Sorry but your sister-in-law must not have taken her pill at the same time everyday, because just by missing it once there is about the same chance of getting pregnant as there is by not forgetting to take the pill. But you do greatly increase the chances if you don't take it at the same time everyday and forget one.


to Sue - August 25

Why are you on the pill anyway? You sound like you really want a baby, badly.


kay - August 25

implantation is brown in colour and happens at 4 weeks got to docs for rea__surance



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