Implantation Bleeding

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newlywed - February 22

I posted a question earlier and didn't get much of a response so hopefully i'll get more with this one. I started what seemed to be my period on Sunday, it was very light flowing and light in color. I had no normal side effect like I usually have: headache, cramps, etc. and it only lasted two days. Then last night I had light bleeding only when wiping (sorry TMI) I was just wondering if this could be implantation bleeding and if so when can I take a HPT?


snugglybugglys - February 22

I only had IB one time, and I tested like 2 weeks after, cause I thought I would eventually get my actual period. WIth my last baby, I had Implantation cramping, and I tested like 3 or 4 days later and got a bfp. Good luck!


missycc4 - February 22

I had implantation with this pregnancy. I was to get my period around the 17th but I got some spotting then nothing. I tested but came back neg. I waited for my next period and didn't come so I tested the next day and got a postive. The only thing I was feeling be4 then was a little sick though the day but nothing else.


newlywed - February 22

Thanks for your response. I haven't had any cramping at all which is extremely unusual for me and that is why I dont think it is my actual period. I dont know when I could have gotten pregnant recently because im on BC. There were many nights that I didn't take it at the same time at most maybe 4 hrs difference, but I guess i'll find out soon. Thanks again.


newlywed - February 22

I also wanted to add (sorry if this is TMI) I noticed that during this last "period" I had a high s_x drive which I never have that time of the month. I don't know if anyone else has experienced that if and when they had IB and if you have please let me know. If I am pregnant this will be my first so im not exactly used to all these symptoms and changes. Thanks for your help and advice.


Angel_M - February 23

I have a question - after s_x, when is it that IB comes?


newlywed - February 24

Angel_M: I would like to know that too. Then I might know when I did or did not get pregnant. Hope to hear some responses soon! Thanks.


newlywed - February 24

I have been looking at some other posts and many say that IB happens 6-12 days after. I took a hpt yesterday and it was neg. but then I started spotting again yesterday afternoon. It was a brownish color though and only showed the the TP. Any more advice would be appreciated. I also was able to schedule a Dr. app. for March 6. It seems so far away though.


newlywed - February 26

Have any of you other expectant ladies had implantation bleeding when pregnant? Im still not understanding it all and wondering if what i've described sounds like IB.


anonymouslucy - March 4

I had a very strange experience. The last time my husband and I had intercourse was on Feb 8 (day I ovulated) and we were going to try again on Feb 10 (trying to space the days out) but I started spotting on the 10th so we waited and I had spotting, sometimes small tiny red clots until the following Friday. I did PT's all week that were Neg and then come Monday, 2-19 I got a BFP!!!! Good luck.....I think strange things can happen..GOod Luck!!


newlywed - March 4

I agree with strange things happening. Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!



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