Implantation Bleeding More Than 5 Days

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soumya - August 29

Hi, Can any one please tell me if Implantation bleeding last for more than 5 days. Thanks


YabbadabbaDOO - August 29

NO. You have started your period.


Annabell - August 29

Hey Soumya. Yes Implantation bleeding can last 10 days. It all depends on the woman. As long as it's not dark heavy blood your fine. Are you late? have you tested yet??Any symptoms? Good luck!!! keep me posted ill try and help you as much as i can


Erica - August 30

Hello Ladies I think I had some implanation bleeding well I am ttc and this morning when I woke up and wiped myself there was some real bright pink I mean bright pink blood on the tissuse it was so bright that I was like oh my goodness what is this then I thought about it can that be a sign ladies???


kris - August 30

It can be a sign, however last month I had light pink spotting for 2 days, then light brown spotting for 2 days, then light bleeding for 1 day. The pink and brown spotting was so light it was only on the toilet paper when I wiped. I am ttc-so I thought it must be implantation bleeding. I took numerous tests-all neg. So just wait this spotting out. Even wait until your next period is due. It's probably just a weird cycle for you. Oh by the way-I had all the symptoms too, all month long even. But I was not pregnant. It's just your mind playing tricks on you...


* - August 30

Implantation would not yeild enough blood for you to bleed for 5 days.


Dimitra - August 30

It can my lasted 7 days I was at risk of miscarrying but it stopped. I suggest if u are drinking coffee cut it completely and abstain from s_x for at least seven days if it persists go to emergency right away.Thats the advice I got from the doctor hope it helps


* - August 30

Then it was not IMPLANTATION bleeding.


r - August 30

can ib last 2 days but only with pink when you wipe and can you have ib 13 days after ovulation? and can you have ovulation spotting and ib following 13 days after?


Applegirl - February 18

I guess all 4 pregnancy tests were wrong then.. because I've been having implantation bleeding for about a week now; )



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