Implantation Pain

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tam - August 1

i have this odd tearing sensation in my lower abdomen that i havent had before. what is implantation exactly and when should it occur?


Pam - August 1

Tam, I was wondering the same thing, I have been TTC for 4 months now and I can't remember EVER having this cramping from ovulation, but I have heard that sometimes there is cramping a__sociated with it, but another issue that I have is that everyone else says it only last a few minutes or hours or whatever, well I am working on my 7th day of it, and ovulation doesn't last that long, I am wondering if maybe I am pregnant this month, but I don't want to get my hopes up! Mine feels like I am having menstrual cramps, although its not time for my period, what about you?


tam - August 1

yeah kinda lik menstural pain, but im wierd cos i get a pain behind my left knee day before period(same as my mum) but i havent this time, just same uncomfortable feeling in stomach, been happening 3 days now. we've been ttc for a few months and i feel like everythings a sign lol


Nat - August 1

Sounds like it could be ovulation pain. It happens around 5-7 days after fertilisation. The pain is caused by the fertilised egg burrowing into the linning of the uterus, when this happens chemical signals cause blood vessels to burst, so that the egg can dig into the layers and attach. It can cause some pain. I had a strange bubbling feeling on the lower right side close to my hip around the time I expected to have implantation .And I was pregnant , the scan showed the date of implantation to be around then.


Pam - August 2

Yeah I'm on day 8 of it now though, I didn' t realize it would last so long. I hope that's what it is because I really want to be pregnant. Although for the past two days I have had gas along with it, so I hope that hasn't been what it is the whole time, although I am old enough that I think I am pretty sure I know what gas feels like and this ain't it!


Liz - August 2

Im so glad someone started a thread about this. Starting yesterday i have these weird cramps and if i bend the wrong way i get this weird pain in my right lower abdomen, i was scheduled to ovulate on 7/28, my period is due 8/11. Im hoping this is not af pain. wish me luck.


Pam - August 2

Liz, It seems kind of early to be AF pains but only you know your body so... I am starting to think mine are ovulation pains and not implantation. I have looked a little more into ovulation dates and how you figure them and actually mine is supossed to be right about now, so kind of a bummer, but at least it hasn't pa__sed, that means I should be trying tonight!!! :0) and that's always fun! Wish me luck, I hope we achieve something!


tam - August 2

good luck all! i noticed little bumps near my nipples too. so hoping its all positive signs now!


to all, from laureli - August 2

Hi all. Help! My lmp was 7/4, we think may've conceived on 7/16. On 7/22 I had spotting for about 2hrs, then went away. But had 'period-like' cramps since then, into 13th day of it now. AF was due 8/1 & still not arrived yet. Could my spotting on 22nd and cramps since been implantation or something? Took pg test on 8/1 (day AF due) but BFN. Will probly take another test on 8/5 if AF still not here. Or should I wait till 8/8 when I officially 1week late? Ta, Laureli :)


Kim - August 5

I am having the same problem. I am having cramping but I also am having a discharge, which I have been having for almost 2 weeks now.Is anyone else getting a clear Discharge??? Before I ovulated and after. You keep wondering if the egg is implanting or are you going cramps because you are getting your period-but you feel different!


tam - August 6

yeah ive had a fair amount of discharge, last night i had a hot bath and almost straight afterwards i spotted some blood, i thought my af was coming on so i was a little disheartened, but it has stopped now, this whole thing is totally confusing because I FEEL PREGNANT ahhhh


Kim - August 7

Tam, Me too! I just started spotting now, but I don't know what to think-I feel pregnant too! This is all confusing!


tam - August 7

i bought an early preg test but didnt do it because my partner is away for the rest of the week and i couldnt bear to find out if he's not here to share the joy, this is going to be the longest week of my life. i took a preg test last thurs and it was neg. maybe you should do a test and let me know how it goes. Babydust :)


Mom - August 12

i had a stillbirth in its august...have not had a period this normal...i really wanna get pregnant....i dont think i am what can be the cause of delayed period??


jane - August 12

I am on cycle day 26 and I woke up this morning with a bad lower back ache, and pain in the lower left side of my abdomen. along with just feeling crampy. I dont usually do this when af is coming. ttc for 14 months!!!!


K - August 12

Hi there. Mom - have you taken a preg test yet? If it's negative go and see your doc. I had about 6 periods last year and was diagnosed with PCOS. I'm 21 weeks preg now, I can remember the implantation pain v clearly! I was having a bath when I felt it - it lasted about 10 mins and was like a shooting pain in my uterus. Not like ovulation pain which feels higher up and over one side. When my AF was due I felt very crampy, I was sure my AF would start... It didn't. Good look ttc!


J - August 12

Hi ladies, I just had to ask this. I am working on my third pregnancy. I Ovulated on the 9th had s_x two days before and everyday since. I have been spotting right afterwards then just goes away. My last two pregnancies were unplanned and I did not experience this before. This pregnancy is planned and I don't know if I am doing something wrong. Why would I spot after s_x?



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