Implants Amp Pregnancy

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Heather - October 8

Iam 30 with 3 boys 11, 8,7 I did NOT expect more children, a few yrs ago I had a br___t augmentatoin and I just dicovered I am pregnant again!! My ? is can I br___tfeed with these things? Should I have them removed? Are they going to be a mess after this? Has anyone else experienced this??


Jessica - October 8

I asked the same question the other day and the girls told me that you can b___stfeed with no problem as long as the implants are behind your muscle. Hope that helps. I to have implants and pray that there are no problems.


Heather - October 8

Mine are behind the muscle...thanks for the insight.


Anne - October 8

I have b___st inplants and I have three children. It absolutely makes no difference to b___stfeed if you have b___st inplants. My b___sts are still as perky as ever!


TruckinFool - October 8

......I don't think I should've read this.......


TO: truckinfool - October 8

Why not??


hmm - October 9

this is not an answer it's a question .... does anyone know if the silicone/implants are unhealthy for newborns ... sorry if its a stupid question just curious.


Jessica - October 9

No, Silicone implants are just fine as long as they are behind the muscle!


Maybe a stupid question.. - October 9

but how do you know if they're behind the muscle????


Jessica - October 9

That is something you chose when you got your implants. Call your surgeon and ask them if yours are in front or behind the muscle. They will be able to pull your file and let you know. Hope that helps!


TruckinFool - October 9

hehehe.....I SO should not be reading this....LOL


... - October 9

Then dont


to Heather - October 9

I was thinking about getting implants after this baby, but I am not sure. How often do you have to get them rotated? I know they are forever, but I was curious about their average life span.


to heather - October 9

should read "ARE NOT forever"


TruckinFool - October 9

Rotated? Please see local tire shop.......



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