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Gaby - June 15

This Saturday and sunday i had s_x alot of times with my boyfriend without protection, well actually im using the patch but i just started using it last monday so the patch is not effective for the month of june and i think he got me pregnant and my question is... If i am pregnant will the patch affect the baby if i keep using it??? I got my period june 1st and had s_x the 11th and 12th and i have a 28 to 30 day menstrual cycle.Is there a high chance that i might be pregnant???


Kara - June 15

I am suspicious of being pregnant and my gyno said to get off my birth control immediately until we know for sure.. i have to go get a blood test done, so you might want to call your doctor to ask


Stop - June 15

Posting the same question over and over again. You got your answer in the teen section. Call your doctor if you think you are pregnant and get his/her advice as to whether or not you should continue wearing the patch.


alondra - June 15

hahahahahahahaahahahhahahahah, I just think is very funny when a person gets offensive and they start cussing like little!! Is just too funny!!


Jessie - June 15

well, i have been involved with alot of heated discussions as well as seen quite a few on this forum but I have NEVER hear some one to tell another perosn to shut the [email protected]& up!! Thats uncalled for.


Steph - June 15

I was the one who posted not to post the same question over and over again. This is the third time it was posted and it irriated me. But, I certainly did not think that I'd get told to f&**& off for it!! Hee hee. Oh well. I still think that my answer is okay, if you think that you are pregnant, call your doctor and let him or her know the situation with regards to the patch. None of us are doctors, so why take our advice on something as important as this. A simple phone call to planned parenthood would give the answer, I would suspect.


Beth S - June 15

im not in favor of the cursing either but why is it there is always someone on here with something ignorant to say?? If she wants to post this question over she can, no one has to read or answer her


To Beth - June 15

Wow sweetie, your def. of ignorant is interesting. If a question has been answered, why keep posting it? Also, if she keeps posting the same question all over the forum, it's a waste of time to click on it and see it's the same freaking question. It's irritating.


sam - June 15

Everyone have a right to post. What is the big deal. I think picking on someone is out of line. If you don't like the question then move on. Thats simple!!! Why make a big deal out of nothing.



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