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Gaby - May 13

Right now like 1 minute ago i felt like i had peed in my underwear a little bit and when i checked i had this white thing that looked like lotion with little spots of blood Is this normal??? Has it happened to somebody else??


Karen - May 13

This does not seem normal. You need to check with your doc right away. Are you having cramps ? How far along are you ?


Gaby - May 13

Im not pregnant, i really, really thought i was cause my period was late and i was getting all the symptoms but i ended up getting my period. I just finished my period like last wednesday and i have been having a LITTLE bit of cramps but i havent really been paying attention to them. Do you think its something bad that im getting this white discharge with a little bit of blood??? Do you think i was pregnant and i miscarried?


Gaby - May 13

Please somebody help me!!! I need to know


Jessie - May 13

love, CALL YOUR DOCTOR, we are not doctors here, thats a serious kind of thing we cant help you. CALL YOUR DOCTOR!!!!


Gaby - May 13

I know youre not doctors but has this happened to anybody


Julie - May 13

If you just had your period have you had s_x since then? Maybe this could be implantation bleeding? I have never had this?


Gaby - May 15

Yes i did have s_x afterwards and i have kept bleeding a little bit since friday


jessie - May 15

You are now bleeding while and have not called a doctor???


Gaby - May 15

Im going to go to the doctor this weekend but im worried what if i was pregnant and i miscarried and im bleeding now because i might still have the baby inside me


Gaby - May 16

DO you think that i was pregnant and i miscarried and thats why im having the spotting???


Julie - May 16

Are your periods normally regular and are you on birth control? Sometimes you can have spotting.


Gaby To Julie - May 16

Yes my periods are regular and no im not on birth control


Gaby - May 16

Has this happened to anybody??? Do you think it is....well look at my 6th post where im asking abou the miscarriage


BBK - May 16

Gaby, it doesn't sound like m/c...... call your doc right away though cause it could be an infection of some sort.


<3 - May 16

Sounds to me like youre not getting the answer you need or want from here, better off calling your doctor or going in to a clinic of some sort.


***** - May 16




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