Important Pregnancy Question

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Help! please! - April 15

I recently had s_x without a condom with my boyfriend. We use condoms all the time but i am on the pill as well. I have been on it for almost 6 months. So..he pulled out and a tiny bit of c_m got on the outside of me. He insists I'm fine because the pill is 99.7% effective,and I agree with him..about 95 percent. I just worry alot,I'm a huge worr wart. Please tell me what you think about my situation,that would be great. Am I at any riskfor pregnancy?how much?


me again! - April 15

We didnt use a condom obviously,but i didnt say that up there,so just making sure you know what i meant.


sorry - April 15

NVM!NVM!...see so worried i cant even think straight:(


Jenice - April 15

Hon, I think you'll be just fine. But, if your period is late in coming, take a home pregnancy test just to make sure. I was on the pill and had s_x with my husband for months and never got pregnant (without using condoms). Just make sure you are taking your pill at the same time every day. (This is very important...I know a 2 year old girl whose mom was on the pill when she conceived! But she was really bad with missing days and forgetting to take her pill.) So, you should be fine!! Don't worry about it, because stress can make your period come later, and worry you even more!!


Foxy - April 15

Don't worry. I'd say there's only a tiny chance of you being pregnant, providing you are good at taking your pills and never miss any. It'd be a miracle if you were pregnant, but then sometimes miracles happen, so if you're really worried about being pregnant then make him wear a condom next time. That should bring your chances down to 0%. I'm sure you're fine.


nicki - April 16

well im no expert but it sounds like you should be ok. Did you immediately wipe the c_m off? Anyways if I were you id take a pregnancy test just to be sure, it might make you feel better. im a huge worry wart too and i know what you are going through, but im sure your not pregnant since you are on the pill. well good luck, hope i helped a lttle! nicki



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