In Denial

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Bella - October 5

I took a test last week and it was negative. I swear it is wrong. I would only be 4 weeks, but how often are tests wrong when taken too early?


Tess - October 5

Well, I know that there are a lot of false negatives out there and rarely false positives so there is a chance it could be wrong. Why are you so sure you are pregnant?


Jessica - October 5

It's a funny thing with those tests bella. I took a test on june 4th and it was negative, Than took another one on the 10th and it was positive. Now I am 21 wks pregnant!!! So just because it isn't positive yet doesn't realy mean anything. Wait about a week. Good Luck let me know......


J - October 5

I took the early first response a day before my period with 2 different pregnancies and it was wrong. Then I skipped my period and 2 days later they were positive.


Bella - October 5

I am not sure by any means I am pregnant, but I have a feeling. Exhausted, Moody, almost a non existant period(one day-brown discharge) these are not normal for me. I was dissapointed to see negative, but I haven't been trying. The test convinced me for that day, but after these symptoms persisted, I'm questioning it. I am also retaining water.


Bella - October 5

Thanks for the info. Jessica. I know it does happen sometimes, but it's good to hear it directly from someone it has happened to. Good Luck to you Too!


to bella - October 5

I know exzaclty how you feel Bella. I have been feeling that i could, possably, be preg for a while now. I receivd my period about a week early but it was more of bright pink and red spottings. I took a preg test a couple days ago, negitive. I was still thinking that it was a wrong answer because my period. Or i should say, that type of bleeding just was'nt normal. I am waiting till tomorw or the next day to take another preg test. I hope everything works out for you


Lisa - October 5

I have 7 wrong results in a row; the 8th was the ringer. I was almost in my 5th week before the tests came up positive.


karine. - October 5

my test didnt show positive until i was 5weeks pregnant. i took one at 3-4week...NEG...than one almost 5weeks, and it was barely a line, very faint, and then a week later, and it was positive!!1 if you have a gut feeling you are wait another week, if not wait another 2 weeks and try, especially if you didnt get your periods, i had the gut feeling and i knew the test were wrong, iam now 8weeks-2days


TruckinFool - October 5

Go to your OB doc..have a blood test done...more accurate....I trust professionals over a stick you pee on........well, if i was a woman I would


Bella - October 5

Thanks for your input ; )


Kelly - October 9

I really don't know anyone who has ever had a wrong pregnancy test. Maybe just wishful thinking on your part?


Lisa - October 9

I had 7 wrong pregnancy tests in a row. I was 5 weeks pregnant when it finally showed correctly; so they can be wrong from personal experience.


To Lisa - October 9

Lisa how did you know to keep testing? Aside from a missed period, did you have any other symptoms? A feeling?


Bella - October 12

I have heard of many paople who have had false negatives


me - October 12

kelly, pregnancy tests are wrong more then most people think. most of the time it is because they are testing to early, but sometimes people dont get a positive pregnancy test until they are 2 or more months. someone posted on here that she was 8 months pregnant and had never gotten a positive pregnancy test, the hcg just didnt stream into her urine. they also have false positives, much more rarely but they do happen. i know this for a fact. go to and click on pregnancy tests. they will tell you which ones are best worst or having major problems.


Kelly - October 12

I suppose it could ahppen, but it seems to me that a wrong test is not common. I just don't want women to read about all of these wrong tests and get their hopes up.



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