In Love With A Pregnant Girl What Should I Do

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redeem - November 8

I'm 18, she's 18, and she's having twins by her ex-boyfriend. We've been great friends for as long as I can remember. Recently I've noticed that I've been falling in love with her. I try to help her out as much as possible to help her get through such a tough pregnancy, especially at her tender age, but I've never told her how I feel. She just started her third trimester and I'm kind of worried. Could telling her I'm in love with her make things worse for her and her babies? Or is it better to tell her that there is someone who cares for her? Anyone in the same possition or have any advice for me?


liz - November 8

well thats a hard one but since you say u guys have been good friends for a long time then u might know how she will react when you tell her, it could put more stress on her you are right, but it all depends on the person she is. i think what you should do is instead of telling her that u love her- just show her how u feel. make sure ur always there for her and if she takes u into her heart and lets u help then u kno she is ok with having u around, u can tell her taht u will help her through this bcuz that must be very hard for dont necessarily have to say the words to her just show her ur there and u care. if shes not expecting u to tell her taht u love her then it mite be too much of a shock for her right now. so just be careful and good luck!


Vivi - November 8

Put aside the fact that she is pregnant. I know you are still young in the matters of love and women, but believe me when I tell you this. Women out men in only 2 categories - 1. Friend and 2. Prospect boyfriend/Boyfriend. If you have fallen in the fist one, it is very hard to move into the second one (but no impossible). If she only sees you as a friend, she will not like to hear a love declaration from you. If she sees you as more than a boyfriend she will let you know, trust me on that. So a__sess her behavior towards you. If she is giving you only friendship hold on on the words and do what Liz above said - very wise advise. By the way, you are one of those great guys that show up on a woman's life to make it so much better ... but we women sometimes are silly and dumb and cannot see it, and cannot accept it when we see it ... and we end up hurting amazing people like you. Just go slow and be her friend. Sorry for being kinda negative ...


Kimi - November 8

I had to reply to this... liz's advice is very good. Work your way into her heart, and make a place for yourself there. Let her know you'll be there for her as long as she needs you to be. And, if everything goes well, you can tell her you love her when the babies are born. :)



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