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Desperate :( - July 27

I am unsure of my ovulation because when I was on birth control I used to start on or around the 21st. Every since i got off I start around the 8th????? I am trying to figure out my ovulation schedule! Would I ovulate after the 21st or after the 8th?? Someone PLEASE give me advice!! I am desperate to concieve!! Thanks!! :)


Desperate :( - July 26

I am asking someone to please answer my question that has a REAL answer!! I am desperate!! :(


keli - July 26

I would recomend that u have alot of s_x


dsa - July 26



BMS - July 26

You ovulate 14 days before the start of your period. Peoples cycles can very in days. You do not count from the beginning of your period to figure out ovulation. You count backwards from the first day of you period. I have to question how old you are and how much you have really researched this if you have to ask. Does your partner know you are trying to conceive. Have you been to a doctor. There are alot of great ovulation detector kits on the market


Desperate - July 26

I am 24 years old. I have been looking into it for quite awhile! My partner is aware that WE are trying to conceive. I have not been to a doctor. I am sure that we are both able to have kids because we have one each with other people & we would like OUR own together! I am aware that there are kits that I can purchase, but we are trying to do away with that. Can someone please answer my question. The question is would I ovulate after my new period date or the date that i had before I quit taking birth control! thanks BMS for your advice!


please - July 27

Someone please answer my question!! :(


jak - July 27

I would say when your period begins, not when you were on the BCP. There are websites out there where you can type in your period and it will tell you about the time you will ovulate. One is Good luck!


tet - July 27

hey desperate, here's my thought for your problem... this month or next month when you first get your menstration mark your calendar down. Lets say, you get it July 27 (count 10 days including 27) the 10th day which is the 5th of August, thats when your'e fertile or ovulation starts, and thats until the 18th day from July 27 which means until August 13. Dont worry about the change of your menstration schedule thats just part of your hormonal changes.. I hope I answered your question.. By the way, the reason why I know this is because I have the same problem and I went to my OB-GYN and consulted this and thats what she explained to me. :)


Desperate - July 27

Thanks sooooooo much!!! I appreciate all the help! I started on the 9th of July so that would make my fertile day around the 22nd of July~~~ RIGHT?????????????????????????



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