In Need Of Maternity Clothing

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bvue - February 2

h__lo, is there anyone out there that has maternity clothing that is no longer in need for. I am 16 wks and looking for slightly used maternity clothing. I live in St Paul, MN. Size M-L will be perfect. I am willing to pay for shipping cost. Thank you in advance for your help. Please email me at bvue at healtheast dot org This post does not allow me to type my email as it should appear.


crackersforme - February 2

I suggest going to ebay & typing in maternity clothes. You can get some brand new ones extremely cheap & also used ones for a dollar or two. I've gotten some name-brand jeans on ebay over 1/2 off.


Aviendha416 - February 2

Old NAvy has some decent maternity clothes that are inexpensive. I still wear my Old Navy Maternity Jeans and I'm 7 weeks post partum. They are so comfy and roomy while my body adjusts to not being pregnant. Good Luck


Rhonda - February 4

Maybe ask on the infant care forum,someone there might have some clothes they dont want.


lily10 - February 5

I would check out the clearance rack at stores such as Gap, Old Navy, JCPenny, Target etc... I have found many great deals on Maternity clothes. I just got a really cute top tonight at JCPenny for $3.97.


zinger43 - February 6

you should try freecycle dot org it is a huge network to get and give used items for free...i work with disadvantaged youth and my a__sistant gets many alerts each day about things for them on this site


ilovepugs - February 7

::laughs:: i was just about to say the same hting....freecycle dot org is fantastic :)


momma3tobe - February 7

If you can not pay for maternity clothes, there might be a Pregnancy center that gives them away. I know around here there is Crisis Pregnancy Center (don't know if its in any other state) My sister in law got lots of maternity clothes there.


Gena - February 7

Also Goodwill has a lot of cheap maternity clothes, Go on half off day.


MNMOM - February 7

Hi bvue: Too bad we are not farther apart in our pregnancies, I could sell you mine but I am only 20 weeks and will need them a bit longer :) (I am in the metro area as well!!!) Check out some of the gently used stores that sell kids clothes, often times they also have maternity section that you can find great deals at.


lawlady72 - February 7

I got name brand maternity clothes from e-bay, new w/tags, 5 outfits, 4 casual, 1 dressy and with shipping it cost me $113.00. Thats 10 brand new items of clothes for approx. $11 each. Not bad. You should also check near your hospital and clinics for consignment shops, they generally have good stuff because a lot of the doctors and nurses contribute their gently used clothes.



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