In Remembrance I Need A Name

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angi - January 16

For those of you that have seen me on the forum and for those of you that have not, i would like a little help. In the honor of my son ( THOMAS EDWARD) that passed away in july 2005, i would like to use Thomas as a middle name for my son that i am pregnant with now! I have thought of a few but am kinda stumpped on them. Any suggestons would be nice, thank you!


Gem - January 16

Really sorry to hear about your little boy. Some suggestions: Matthew Thomas, Samuel Thomas, Christian Thomas, Morgan Thomas, Andrew Thomas, Colby Thomas, Karl Thomas, Benjamin Thomas, Troy Thomas, Zachary Thomas.


Ba8y6irl - January 16

I like Zachary Thomas Gem... it sounds nice.


m - January 16

So sorry for your situation! Have you thought about using Thomas as a first name, and going with an E name for the middle name. That way you could keep Thomas' initials, but call him by his middle name..... Thomas Elijah, Thomas Eli, Thomas Evan.... etc. Best of luck to you and congrats on your newest little blessing!


Lisastar9 - January 16

My friends 5 year old is Ian Thomas


angi - January 16

Oh, thanks guys, Gem, i do really like christian thomas, that has a nice flow. And to m, no i did not think about that but i will now, thanks so much!


Lin - January 16

I think Gregory Thomas sounds nice.


Gem - January 16

Let us know what u decide on


Lynne - January 16

Gabriel Thomas or Michael Thomas. Both first names are angels.


angi - January 16

Oh Lynne, those are beautiful, thanks alot.


Gem - January 16

Hayden Thomas, Julian Thomas, Gavin Thomas, Gareth Thomas, Clayton Thomas, Mark Thomas. Just a few more suggestions. I must say that I really like Christian though.


jg - January 16

Michael is actually the name of Jesus - The archangel Michael. I like the sound of names that end with the letter that the middle name starts with, eg Elliot Thomas, Stewart Thomas, Kurt Thomas. Just found that "Brody" means brother - that'd be nice too. Brody Thomas ie Brother of Thomas


BethS - January 16

Im sorry to hear about your son who pa__sed away. My sons name is Grady Thomas if that helps you at all


angi - January 17

Again thanks to everyone, i am still looking at the form lots due to our 5 hour difference, i due respond late. Baby hugs to everyone.


tigerlilly - January 17

Hi, i like Daniel Thomas, Connor Thomas, Joel Thomas, Nathan Thomas, Ruben Thomas...hope you like one and good luck with your pregnancy x


SHelly - January 17

i like Julian Thomas


tiffani - January 18

I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. I cannot even imagine how agonizing the pain must have been, and still is. How ablout Dylan Thomas, after the poet. When we decided on Dylan as a name for our son EVERYONE suggested Thomas as a middle name. I had never heard of him until I needed a middle name. :o)



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