Inducing On Wednesday

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tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - April 30

Oh my gosh, it's almost time. How exciting for you guys! I was induced with my first on a Monday and ended up having her by C section on Wednesday night. They began my induction with a dose of Cervidil (a little capsule they insert to ripen the cervix, thus starting labor). The first dose did very little. The second one got me to about 3 cm, and the third one, coupled with pitocin and a broken (by the doctor) bag of water, got me to 9 1/2 cm. That's it, that's where my body drew the line, 9 1/2 cm! My cervix refused to go any further. Who would have thought 1/2 cm meant so much? Long story short, I ended up with an emergency C section because my poor body was over the whole labor process, as was the baby. I know you asked for positive stories to share with your wife, and maybe this wasn't what you had in mind. I just wanted to open your mind to the real possibility of a C section so you can prepare for it, should it be necessary. Research shows the increase in C sections when labor is induced, especially with Pitocin. When my doctor told me we were headed to the operating room, I was quite the emotional wreck. I felt like my body failed me. You can probably expect yur wife to feel the same. While I hope she will be able to have the delivery of her dreams, you can greatly help her mental state by talking about C sections now, and rea__suring her that it doesn't matter how the baby gets here, just that it gets here helathy. My daughter is the light of my life. She is a smart, funny and amazing little wonder. I can't wait to hear how much more enriched your life is once the little one arrives. The first child is the one that changes your life forever. Update us as soon as you get the chance! Good luck! Hugs to you and Abby. :o)


36+ weeks - April 30

I am also getting induced this comming week as I have kidney stone problems. I was induced with my first two also.I really like being induced as you are able to prepare for everything. I got the drip and the Dr. broke my water and the epidural had them with in a few hours of getting the epi which was great and there is a new study that came out in Feb in the New England Journal of Med. that early epi's are not as bad as they first thought the apgar scores are better with early epi's then later ones so if you really want a epi don't be afraid to ask for it early in labour ....hope everything goes as good this time.


JLorenzo - May 1

Well, all of your insight and advice has been invaluable. My wife seems to reside right on the line between denial and acceptance. The baby for example, was kicking or moving last night and the pain on my wife's face was unbearable for me to watch. It may have been a contraction, but I felt so guilty knowing that in a matter of days, her pain will be even worse. I am very scared for her, but I can't let on to her that I am. She needs me to be strong through this. I don't want to minimize the pain a women goes through, but if the man cares as much as I do, the psychological aspect of this hurts alot as well. Okay, I will let everyone know how this ends up and knowing that at this time next week, we will have our baby is what is getting us through the next few days!


jojo - May 1

i was induce with my 2nd child it was much faster than my 1st i could not have any drugs it would slow it down. it lasted 8 hour. my 1st took 19 hours that was with a epidrual .GOOD luck to you both


Jessy - May 1

sorry, no good news here...inducement is a major stress on the baby and the uturus...I ended up w/a C section...not much of choice tho...they won't let you carry the baby more than 2 weeks past the due date


nhb - May 2

I was induced--I had cervadil starting Wednesday afternoon, spent the night there, broke my water Thursday am around 8:30-9:00, and then I got the epidural right after; I delivered my 8 lb, 2 oz 21.25 inch long baby boy @ 8:28 pm. No pain . . . My experience was great!



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