Inexpensive Maternity Clothes Which Dept Store

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Caitlin - October 5

I could have sworn Fred Meyer had a maternity line, but they don't. I live in Seatle WA, so some of you might know Fred Meyer as Haggen or something. You might not be able to help but and input is appreciated. Thanks!


Leigh - October 5

Hey, I'm from the Tri-Cities here in Washington. I'd recommend trying places like Target or Burlington Coat factory; they both have good sale prices, so if you're looking to spend with out breaking the bank, they're good choices.


jb - October 5

Burlington Coat Factory has great stuff with pretty good prices. If you have one near you check it out. Also Gap and Old Navy when they have sales or check out the clearance racks.


c - October 6

don't know if there is a walmart around you, but they have cute things in the way of shorts, capris, and tops...also try ebay.


karine - October 6 and if you like extras, ive gone to consignement shops for them


Michelle - October 6

E-Bay....Check it out.....I have gotten lots of good deals from there. It's worth looking into.


kris A. - October 6

If you dont mind washing them first, try garage sales and your good old local thrift store. I am wearing really cute pants by Motherhood that I got for 1.50 with a shirt that I got for under a dollar. I decided I wear these clothes for such a small amount of time, no reason to spend real money on them.


Andrea - October 6

Old Navy is great. I order a lot of my stuff from them online. It always fits and looks great.


Marlene - October 6

Target and Walmart.Also i have brought clothes from old navy online(very very comfortable) and motherhood.


lynnstress - October 6

Don't know what you have there, but I've gotten most of my stuff at Target and Motherhood Maternity. Fashion Bug also has a very tiny maternity section. FYI, I have Bobbie Brooks knit pants from Wal-Mart - non-maternity - and I can STILL wear them at 30 weeks! Happy shopping!


ally - October 7

Listen to kris a as u aren't in them for long and u buy one thing and a few months later u cant wear them, towards the end i had 2 pairs of pants and mininal tops, soon as she was born i got rid of them


Mary - October 7

I work in an office so my cloths attire has to be professional (Collared shirts and slacks). I found the best deals at Burlington Coat Factory ranging from $6.00 (on the sale rack) to $14.00 regular maternity price which I thought was pretty good once I checked out other maternity stores and JC Penny is ok if you catch a sale they had some good sales. Target did not have much and Walmart only had casual clothing. My problem although is that I am having twins so by my fifth month my maternity shirts were not fitting and they were x-large. What I ended up doing was going to the PLUS Size in Burlington Coat Factory and found office attire at least shirts for cheap prices like five or six dollars. But no pants of course. MotherHood was ridiculously expensive asking for $20 dollars for a T Shirt and almost $30 for work attire shirts. Anyways I hope this helps for all of you. As for shoes I found slip ons at Walmart that went great with slacks. You could not tell they were slip on and quite dressy and super comfortable. I bought them 2 sizes bigger because I knew my feet were going to swell up. At home I wear my husbands boxers, T-shirts and jogging pants. Well Ladies I hope I have helped.


tiffani~25 days to go!! - October 7

Kohl's, Sears, Target, JC Penney, Motherhood Maternity, Old Navy, and Ross. :o)



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