Infant Car Seat Handle Orientation

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JennyC - December 31

are the infant car seats that have the handles that run parallel to your body (looks like a zig zag) really better than the ones that run perpendicular (one solid arc over the seat)? (hope that makes sense) my husband is pretty sold on that kind, but I'm wondering if its really that great because some of the major brands don't make them that way (Graco) Thanks!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 31

Ours just had then handle that was straight. I looked at the ones with zig zag handles and didnt really like them. Now that I have used mine and my baby girl has outgrown it I am very happy with my decesion. We have the graco cla__sic pooh travel system. I liked that I could put the carseat on my arm (in the bend of my elbow) and carry her when she was newborn as well as the diaperbag, grocery bags, etc.


jb - December 31

I have the Graco travel system. It has a zig zag handle and I like it alot. But I dont have a baby YET (not till Feb) so I cant really say how much I like it b/c i havent really used it yet.


Jbear - December 31

Yes, the zig zag handle is much better. I had a seat with a straight handle for my first daughter and it puts more strain on your wrist. I've seen some with a handle you can turn. The truth is, once the baby is about 15lbs, no handle is going to make carrying the seat comfortable, but the seat I have now has a zig zag handle and it is better.


Heather L - December 31

The Zig Zag type handle really comes in handy when you have to hold the handle in the crook of your elbow. (like when you have a million other things in your hands and have to open the car door!!) *lol* I had the straight with one child and zig zag with my second. I prefer the zig zag 100%!


jamie - January 1

I agree with jbear.After a couple months they all get uncomfortable.Still they are a godsent in may ways.Wouldn't live without it.



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