Infertility Success Stories

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NicoleM - June 24

Is there anyone out there who struggled with infertility (over a year ttc) who got pg?? We've been ttc for 2 years and I'd love some inspiration. Please share your story :)


kimholl28 - June 25

My friend and I are both sucess stories. I am not pregnant now but am thinking of trying again. I tried for 3 years with no sucess. I didn't have periods for 2 1/2 years. Therefore wasn't ovulating. Nothing seemed to help me have a period except herbal supplements. Finally I concieved this way. My friend had been trying for about 6 years and finally concieved naturally and had a miscarriage. 4 months later she was pregnant agin and is 17 weeks right now. So it does happen for most eventually. Keep on baby making!


mcatherine - June 25

My husband and I tried for 13 months and finally went to the doctor when my periods stopped altogether. I wasn't ovulating. I kept taking provera to start my periods and finally had surgery to see if they could find the cause. Nothing found, although PCOS was suspected. We decided to take the holidays off and not think about getting pregnant and on Jan. 1st of this year, we were supposed to take provera again to start my period and then start a round of Chlomid. My doc always had us take a pregnancy test as a precaution prior to the provera since it can cause birth defects. The test was positive and I am currently 29.5 weeks into my pregnancy. Turns out - I got pregnant the one month that we didn't try out of 18 altogether! I am sure things will turn out for you. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


NicoleM - June 26

Thank you both for sharing your stories - that is very encouraging! As I said, we've been ttc for 2 years. DH has had an SA that was so good the doctor was amused! So he's fine. I've been charting and everything looks fine. I ovulate and luteal phase is fine. I had an HSG early this month and my tubes are clear. We're really hoping the HSG will help us along in the next couple of months since it seems to improve pg rates. I'd love to hear anyone else's story too.


bj - June 26

Hi, Nicole. My dh and I tried for 3 1/2 years. I am now 6 weeks pregnant! I had stage 4 endo, had a laparoscopy, and was put on some shots. It took about 8 months after the surgery for me to get pregnant. I also have PCOS. Don't give up. I wanted to so many times. What has the doctor said?


azgirl - June 26

We had been trying for 18 months. Went to a RE for help and ended up trying IUI's three times. They didn't work so I had a laporoscopy and had severe endometriosis. Tried IVF and got pregnant on the first try with twins. I am now 10.5 weeks. I am greatful I went to a specialist, just something to look into. Good Luck


AA - June 26

A very good friend of mine was told by specialists that she was going through premature menopause (early 30's) and thats why she couldnt concive a baby and was trying for 2 long years! They were told she may be sucessfuly with IVF if done soon, however with the costs of stagering $15,000+ they just gave up and decided to stop trying. Well great news! Friend is PREGGERS! Yup several weeks along now! Guess the docs arent always right..... they let thier guards down and gave up and bam a baby to be :) Very exciting so when you think it cant happen...IT CAN!


BriannasMummy - June 28

My husband and i decided in 2003 that we wanted another child so we tried and tried and tried. I had horrible irregular periods after the birth of my daughter, so i would either go months and months without a period or months and months and months of everyday bleeding. So as of November/December of last year.. we gave up. I was a bit heart broken but realized I was lucky to have my little girl. I gave away all of my baby stuff that I was saving for a new baby, and I told all of my friends that we were done.. So then a couple of months ago I was sick to my stomach a lot and my bbs were sooo soar but I denied that I might be pregnant, because of the sooo many times before that I had taken BFN pregnancy tests. I couldnt bear getting my hopes up again. So when my DH asks if we should purchase another pregnancy test, because of my symptoms, I said NNNOOOO.. i dont have any symptoms, all in all he went and bought one anyway, and on my daughters 4th birthday I found I was PREGNANT.. I am now 16 weeks and Ive had one u/s and Ive heard his/her heartbeat at 159bpm. Its a miracle, but it happened and it will in fact happen for you when you least expect it! Keep your chin up!


timbits - June 28

I have a friend who got pregnant at 18, then 8 years later she got married (not the father of the child). She wanted to conceive right away after she got married but was having so much difficulty. She even went to a fertility specialist and still nothing. She does have a 10 month old daughter now but it wasn't until she was ttc for 9 years.


luvacuppajoe - June 29

It took 14 years for me to conceive this one since my last baby. I've actually never used birth control in my life, so when I had my first at 21, she was a surprise. Still didn't use b/c and then had my second 4.5 yrs later. Fast forward and I'm now 23 wks with #3. I honestly have no idea how or why, though I do know my hormones aren't right as I've always had very, very irregular and light periods. Hub and I got together nearly 13 yrs ago and figured if it happened, it happened...and it finally did. I'm so thrilled I'm already thinking of another one so that this baby won't grow up alone, so far separated from her older siblings, but I know that will probably never happen. Or, with my timing, I'll be 65 when it does. LOL I'm pretty sure I'll be getting my tubes tied after she's born, just to be on the safe side.


LN030905 - June 29

Wow,ladies ..your stories are soo inspiring! Im so happy I found this thread. Im usually on Signs of Preg, but today I started having one of those "doubtful, I should just throw in the towel afternoons" and I started reading a few of the inspirational stories..and it made me feel better..but I got on here and saw all these and its jsut amazing..God sure does answer prayers. He is amazing! I have hope again!!! LOL!!! Im such a dork..weve only been trying for a lil over 6 months..but each month takes alot out of me..Ims ure Im not alone in that. Thanks again ladies.


Gena - July 1

Me and my DH started ttc and continued trying for over a year. Actually a couple of months before we got married. February of this year I had blood tests done and found out I had insulin resistance and Polycystic ovarian syndrome. I started going to a dietican, by choice and excersising. I lost 25 pounds. She put me on medicine for the insulin resistance and on April 15, our 1 year anniversary, we conceived!! No problems this far. Good Luck Ladies!


sheryl - July 3

I have been ttc for 1 1/2 years. We had tests run and I began taking Clomid. Dh Dr. told him that he needed surgery. I just finished my last round on June 7 and found out that I am pg on June 29. We are now 5 weeks along and are over the moon about our miracle. Good luck to you and keep the faith.


NicoleM - July 3

Thanks ladies for all your responses! Sorry I've been gone - we just moved to a new city, so it's been a bit hectic. All of your stories are so inspirational. I really appreciate it! I am hoping I'll be one of the success stories soon!


firsttimepg - July 12

My husband and I tried for 3 1/2 years and I am 16 wks, 5 days pregnant. We were on no fertility drugs, no nothing, so it does happen!!



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