Insane Grandmother

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Help! - January 1

Has anyone else experienced this? My own mother is extremely resentful about becoming a grandmother. I don't understand. I have been married for 5 years and I am almost 30 years old. She continuously says that she will NOT be called "Grandma" and that she will not babysit because she has already done her time! She is extremely hurtful and insensitive. I have a feeling that it is related to her going through menopause. She is very moody, irritable and even irate at times. She needs help. I don't know what to do. I have just been ignoring her and I am even considering blocking her out of our lives completely.


to help - January 1

she just feels like she will look old.ask if she wan'ts the baby to call her something else.


to help again - January 1

i call mine nan


Lisa - January 1

You may be right, your mum could be going through menopause. How old is she? Maybe tell her that you are concerned about her and suggest she go to the doctor to find out if she is going through menopause. As far as the insensitive remarks go, try not to let them affect you and remind her that if she pushes you away, it will definitely be her loss and she will miss out on being a part of your life and your baby's. Its really no big deal if she doesn't want to be called grandma, my kids call their grandma 'mim'. Ask her what she wants them to call her??


Help! - January 2

Thanks for your suggestions. Can other people give me suggestions for names other than "Grandma"? Also, yes, my mom does need help, but how do you get her to the doctor if she is in complete denial? I would love to drag her there... but I don't think that will work. Help....


Lisa - January 2

hi help...the best suggestion i can think of is to go to your nearest doctor or chemist and see if they have some pamphlets on menopause and leave somewhere she will notice them. If she reads something there that she can relate to, then maybe she will consider seeking professional help. good luck!


tiffani - January 2

My Mom, who was 52 when I had my daughter, also didn't want to be called "Grandma" because of the elderly sound. She decided she wanted to be called "Nana", so that's what the kids know her as. Another name I thought was sweet was "Honey", that's what my friends son calls his grandmother. By the way, I don't think you're mom's crazy, perhaps just having a hard time accepting the fact that she's now old enough to be a Grandma. Menopause could be contrubuting to her hostilities however. Don't block her out of your life completely, you'll regret it. Congratulations on your pregnancy!



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