Inserting Sperm Into Your Vagina From A Condom Right After

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dueinjuly18 - December 6

Ever since I got pregnant, my friend has wanted to get pregnant. Her boyfriend and her have s_x on a regular basis, so she's been telling me she's taking the condom with the sperm in it after he ejaculates and inserting it inside of her. Would that even result in pregnancy? Should she worry about infection? I don't know what to really tell her. I'm not sure if sperm dies when it hits air (because of sperm donors, im sure it has to be in air for some time) and whatnot. Any information is greatly appreciated! Thanks !! Happy holidays!


BeckyBunny - December 6

That is just wrong, dishonest, and immoral. She should NOT be trying to go behind his back to get pregnant. If he does not want a child, they obviously are not ready, and bringing a child into the world out of a selfish WANT to have a child when the parents are not ready is just NOT a good thing. I would do my best to dissuade her, or at least get her to talk honestly with her boyfriend about it.


ShoppingForTwo - December 6

Yah your friend is trippen! She can most definetly get pregnant that way. . .


dueinjuly18 - December 6

I've tried everything. She had a miscarriage with her boyfriend a few years ago, and has wanted one since. She talks to him about having a baby but he just doesn't want one at all. I'm trying to get her to stop and wait for the right time, she's hard headed. Thanks for both of your replies! I guess maybe i should say something to her boyfriend, im not really sure. I'd feel horrible if she did get pregnant and trap him, and i knew. So SHE CAN get pregnant that way???


Grandpa Viv - December 6

Fresh wet s____n in the entrance to the v____a can cause pregnancy no matter how it gets there. Even a virgin can get pregnant this way. Your friend is cruisin' for a bruisin'.


pomny143 - December 6

I don't think that she is in her right mind, nor do I feel that you should be the one to tell him either. Maybe you can just sit down and talk to her on a real level. Take her out of this make believe world she is living in, and give her a kick in the a__s of reality! You sound like a good friend, so hopefully she will listen.


lunamoo - December 7

"Hard headed" are the words you use to describe your friend...? She is a conniving person. How horrible and sick and wrong and all that! This is where a friend has to intervene. TELL HIM!


stillmourning - December 7

I totally agree. If she will not listen, tell him what is going on. he DESERVES to know. Plus, if she wants a baby that bad, they have been together for years as you say, and he is making no move to commit or any inclination to try to start a family...she might need to deal with the fact their either A.) she loves him too much and will have to sacrifice the hope of having a baby to be with him or B.) Because of what she wants out of life, he is just not the right person for her. Going behind his back like that is not a loving action, it is completely selfish and shows that all she is worried about is having a baby. If all she is worried about is having a baby and she does not care about him, how is he going to feel when she shoves off a kid on him? That relationship is doomed.



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