Insomnia 5 Weeks

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tiphanai - June 16

Hi all, I'm kinda weirded out because i'm only 5 weeks and i spent the majority of this week taking afternoon naps because i was soooo tired. Then suddenly, the last couple days i haven't been napping and my nights are restless and full of staring at the clock when i should be dozing. Is anybody experiencing insomnia? And is it normal to happen so early? I do excercise but maybe i should start running marathons? :-|


dedaa - June 16

I am going through the exact same thing for about two weeks now I cannot sleep at all I stay up till somewhere between 4:30 am till 6:00am every night it sucks so bad. I have two boys one is 5 the other is 7 months so I have to get up at a rea__sonable hour but I cannot fall asleep I don`t know why with every other pregnancy when I was where I am now I could not stay awake. Not this time though it is pretty rough going to talk to my doctor about it see if there is anything I can do. the funny thing is I could sleep for maybe two hours at night and it feels like I have slept forever. So I am just never tired.


tiphanai - June 16

Well it's good to know someone else is in the same boat. Saw my doc today and she said it is quite normal, alot of women experience insomnia. Dedaa, are you the lady that answered my question about turmeric? I'm still laughing at my paranoia, i told my sister about it and we giggled. Then we went and had some curry :-) thanks


dedaa - June 17

well at least we are not the only ones that experience this then if it is normal. No I don`t think that was me that answered your questing about the turmeric though. Must have been someone else.


tiphanai - June 17

oh ok. well it's morning now, and once again a restless night. I'm going to try to excercise a little more today and see if that helps. Hope you're doing well. tiffany


clare - June 17

hiya sorry to put a downer on you but it cant be helped lol im 29 weeks and it hasnt ended for me yet at first i just couldnt get to sleep and now i cant get comfy enough to sleep lol a bath before bed can help a little or warm milk xx


dedaa - June 17

Im doing well today went to bed at 12 last night alot better then usual so I feel pretty good today but I am still tired I even had a nap today it was amazing lets see how long this keeps up. When is your due date tiffany? Mine is Feb. 19 and this is going to be my third. Clare yeah it gets harder and harder as time goes my youngest boy is 7 months and I tell yah at the last few weeks I would not sleep at all. Is this your first?


clare - June 17

hey dedaa yea its my first due sept 1st cant wait the little bugger kicks the c___p outta me lol i want my body back!!! i think im most xited cus i dont know what im having!!! when are you due?


fltjt705 - June 18

Hello, I am 16 weeks and for me the insomnia started about a week or two before I hit my second trimester, I stay up late and wake up early and sometimes I wake up at 5 or something and thats it for me, I am up the rest of the morning. I was told that it is good to take naps so your not so restless at night, plus if your eating before bed or drinking caffinated drinks that has a big effect, so does chocolate. I find that sleeping positions ( left side to be exact ) is not really a comfortable position to sleep in all night, I hate it and find that I have rolled on my back and that will wake me up. Then I will have to get up and pee, I swear, my first pregnancy was the perfect pg. I never had this issue. He is 13 now, I sure waited a long time to have another one :Op. My name is Tanya by the way. I hope it gets better for all of us


tiphanai - June 18

Hi girls. how's everybody? My insomnia seems to be improving a bit, but i think i may be moving on to morning sickness. I've got the feeling of an empty stomach and hunger pains, but a nice layer of mild nausea on top :-| As far as the insomnia, i think it may be the long walks i do that are helping. I get in about 45min - 1 hour every day and i think that may be doing it. Watch, i probably just jinxed myself! :-) ~tiffany~


mandee25 - June 18

Holy cow yes I had this at about weeks 5-8 or so of and on and I HATED it! Staring at that clock all night is no fun when you know you have to work the next day. This went away at about week 8 or 9. Don't worry. You will get through it and in the last trimester I think it will likely come back.


dedaa - June 18

Well I seem to be doing alot better with this insomnia as well I am starting to be tired all day needing to take naps and evrything hope it stays this way. I have no appet_te now though I only really need to eat once and I feel full all day long but I am forcing myself to eat a bit more. I find it so weird I used to be a pop fanatic that was something I drank alot of with my last two pregnancies but this time it makes me want to be sick all I can taste is sugar. Clare yeah I know what you mean my last pregnancy could not wait to have my body back but this time I am going to sit back and relax and I hope this pregnancy goes by slow cause if this is a girl it is going to be my last one.That makes me sad. I am due Feb. 19 th long ways away but that is ok give me time to spend with my 7 month old b4 the next one comes and for my oldest to get really cozy with his brother. Well I am all excited about tommorrow we are going camping and fishing with our little boys should be fun. I was to big last summer to do any camping so this is my summer to try to get a bit of things done.LOL. tiphanai glad to har your insomnia is getting better also. Hopefully we can keep it up for a bit. Yeah the last trimester is the worst when you have insomnia and you cannot get comfortable no matter what at the end of my last pregnancy I had acid reflux and for the first hour everynight that i was in bed i would have to fight the urge of throwing up it was awful.



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