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GRRR! - August 30

I know this has nothing to do with pregnancy and I'm not here to interrupt the flow of things but I'm soooo p___sed off with trying to deal with dumb ass gov. insurance . Anybody else p___sed off ??? and yes I'm whining and yes I would like cheese and crackers with my whine . Damn I got kids to feed and bills to pay need the vehicle to get to work . F**ck auto insurance ! Go ahead spill your guts because yes I am as a matter of fact looking for the old MISERY LOVES COMPANY .


GRRR - August 30

What ? nobody miserable today ? thanks anyway ,


:>} : N - August 30



sorry too - August 30

I am expected a baby so I try to count my blessings...I have more things to be happy about then to whine about...sorry I can't partake with you...but you go with your bad self! lol..


at least you said something - August 30

... now leave me alone to b___h all by myself and too myself , this is my thread so go away ... not really , but lol anyway .


GRRR - August 30

I chose to b___h to myself on the internet because at least I know people know I'm p__sed off .... I'm doing okay so far cuz at least I'm not answering myself,now go away !


to sorry too - August 30

you're right having a baby is wonderful I hope your preg goes well and you have a healthy little one now go away and be happy people in your situation shouldn't be a__sociating with miserable people


GRRR - August 30

I've been away from my thread for a few hours good to see you people are staying off of it .


Jamie - August 31

Oooh! Thanks so much for reminding me, my auto insurance is due in a week! Funny thing about that is, it's insurance on a car that doesn't run - I tried to cancel the insurance, but idiotic me signed a 1 year contract so I have to pay the insurance through the end of the year. What kind of c___p is that?????


GRRR - August 31

If anyone thinks they can avoid issues of any form of insurance you're wrong wait and see what happens because of hurricane Katrina They really are abusing people .


Jamie - August 31

I guess I don't understand the intricacies of Canadian insurance. Why don't you call a lawyer, if you think you've got a case?


Insurance - August 31

Is nothing more than a scam anyway especially when it becomes mandatory for all. Insured against what might happen, but do you get your money back if nothing happens? Hell no! SCAM SCAM SCAM


GRRR - August 31

yikes ! like the rest of you I better stay away from this thread ...its not healthy .


GRRR - August 31

I started this thread thinking I might hear other horror stories or options which might work to give me the right to earn a living while I am franticly fulfilling the requirements so I can at least earn a living with a good vehicle but can't afford to lease or rent a vehicle . I hate my own thread maybe I should take my own advice and go away too


Grrrr - September 1

so now that you are paying insane prices at the gas pump because of hurricane Katrina are you ready to be miserable ? Well it's not over yet just wait and see the c___p coming . I don't mind helping people in situations like that but being forced to is a completely different ball game . If you can then help if you can't then don't . How exactly does insurance prices waiver away from how I drive and gas prices have anything to do with hurricanes and diasters .... by now some of you can't even get to work , lost your insurance or can't afford to fill up that is if they will even let you do that go away and leave me to my thread LOL


to GRR - September 1

Hurricanes affect gas prices by stopping production or preventing the c___p from being moved around. Good thing you can't drive ya car considering some places are agouging and charging $6+ per gallon. That sucks considering minimun wage it $5.15 poor b___ds have a choice go to work to pay for gas AND still starve. Now go away and leave your thread alone!


Maggie - September 1

I understand being upset by hurricane Katrina driving up the gas prices, but come on now. At least you still have your home, family, and possesions intact. Those people lost EVERYTHING! So we'll all have to pay more gas money, big deal. At least your car didn't get swept away by the Mississippi River. Count your blessings.



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