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Leyla - March 3

My name is leyla I am 26 and this is my first pregnancy. I'm nauses, scared and really excited. Yes all in one. I am 8 weeks preggers and have been married for three years. I come from a very large family but only want 10 babies myself (LOL) how many ever come my way.I have constant morning sickness and like to read this site for help. I am here for the duration. Oh yeah I'm so excited


moe - March 3

congratulations L!!! My name is moe and i periodically check this sight out, I have a 6mo old and a 4 yr old and I just love reading this site. When I was about 8mo preg I discovered this sight and a lot of nice ladies helped me out it so many ways,and it actually makes me want to get preg but I am going to wait another yr or so. But I am form Ok. Where are u from?


rose - March 3

to leyla congratulations!!!! i go by rose(my last name) i am 25, i have a 6 year old daughter (Mariah) and a soon to be 4 year old son (Blake) and have been trying for a 3rd since november...i have been married for 2 and a half years and we love being young parents!i discovered this site while searching for info on clomid a few weeks ago and have been here every day since!!! i love the support and advice here!!!


Lovely - March 3

I am almost 30 (will be when baby comes in sept) This will be my second baby, but my 6th pregnancy.I am 11 weeks, and will have my second ultrasound next week. So far, so good... I have been married for 7 years, and my son is 5. i live in frosty manitoba, cananda.


Leahp - March 3

Hi Leyla, I'm 26 and this is my first pregnancy as well!!! I've only been married for eight months but my hubby and I were college sweethearts! We gave babymaking a whirl in Dec. and wham!!! We were preggo!! I guess that x-mas eve and new year's lovin does work magic!! It took me a while to accept everything that was happening, but the excitement is comin on now that I'm past the first trimester and the nausea and throwing up is over, I can actually concentrate on my health and the baby!! YEAH! Congratulations!!


Rachel* - March 3

Leyla, welcome :) Funny how Lovely and I have a lot in common. I am also almost 30 and am 11 weeks along also. My second doctor's appt is next week too, except it won't include an ultrasound. This is my first pregnancy and I live in southern California.


tara - March 3

Hello Leyla...and everyone else. I'm 26 and expecting my first child as well (although this is my 2nd pregnancy as I had a m/c in Oct'04...but didn't take us long to get pregnant again :o). I'm 18 weeks along right now and this baby is due in early Aug. I've been married for almost 4 years and extremely excited about this pregnancy...along with scared and anxious and many more emotions as weeks go by. I have a little bit of pot belly right now, and most people think i've just been gaining weight. I can't wait for my belly to be big enough so that it's obviouse I'm preggers. Congrats to those of you who are expecting, and to rose, I hope you guys get your wish soon, and moe your the new mom here so I'll probably be asking you a whole lot of questions as they arise. Nice to meet you all. :o)


Ashley - March 3

Hi there Leyla and welcome. I'm Ashley from Canada. I'm 27 years old married for seven months. I'm now 35 or 36 (unsure) weeks preggo with my first baby. This is a great site with lots of support and advice.


D - March 3

Hi. I'm 30, been married almost 9 years, and have always been scared of the idea of being a parent. I lived the first 26 years of my life in N. California, but now I'm in the South! Its a switch! We had a little "accident" and I ended up m/c Feb 5 of last year. We finally got the nerve to leave off the bc in Oct, and I found out I was pregnant Feb 7 of this year. It makes it a little bittersweet being almost exactly a year later. I found this site when I was terrified I was m/c again because of cramping and spotting. I'm now almost through my 7th week, m/s all day, and still spotting, but thankfully the u/s have all been normal!


rose - March 3

congreatulations D!!! you will love being a parent....did you read the post from ashley???? the long one that made every mom cry?? if not you should, i loved it!


tara - March 3

BTW Ashley, that was a beautiful post you had on being a mom. Thanks again.


Penny - March 3

Hi Leyla, I'm Penny, and seem to be one of the "older" ones out here. I'm 36 and this will be my 3rd. I have a 12 and 10 year old both boys. I'm hoping for a girl.......but either is great. I'm 9 weeks today and my boyfriend and I are excited, along with the kids!! I came to this site about a month ago....just happened on it, and I do enjoy reading them. I'ts helped, as it's been so long, but I'm also here for any of you that may have questions. If I can remember (you know cause I'm so old) I'll try to help out :) Congrats to you all!! Penny


D - March 3

I just looked at my post, and I see I was a little unclear. I now live in Kentucky. I liked Ashley's post, although to be perfectly honest, it scared me a little too!


Ellie - March 3

Hi All! Congratulations to all of you. I seem to be the oldest one on here (don't leave me Penny!!) - I'm 37 and 8 wks. pg. for the FOURTH time (1 girl, age 9 now, and 2 m/c). I found this site by searching for info on blighted ovum. I'm having my first OB appt on 3/7 - wish me luck!! I live in Phoenix so you might see me on here at all hours! Best of luck to everyone - I have really enjoyed this site since I found it last weekend. Aside from the psychos, it provides a lot of valuable info and support.


lovely - March 3

Rachel*, add one more thing in common... you LIVE in southern cali... I DREAM of living in california!!!! lol! I hate snow!!! ',:(


rose - March 3

welcome to the site ellie!!! 37 is not old!!!!!! congratulations on your pregnancy...the info and support is great here (and the psychos just add a little entertainment-lol)


Rachel* - March 3

Lovely, LMAO. Is is cold in Manitoba year round?



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