Invisible Pregnancy No Bump But R Pg

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Ceno - March 31

For the ladies out there who had their first pregnancy, when did it become obvious to others that you were pregnant? Did you purposely stay fit for an easier birth? Or you just didn't show because you just didn't show? How is it that some women go through their first pregnancy without a bulge at all...maybe until their third trimester? And other women immediately show in their fourth month of pregnancy (applies to women with their first pregnancy)?


Kim L - March 31

Hi Ceno: I think I just posted to you on a similar question. Body type and build have a lot to do with when a woman shows, as does how many pregnancies she's had. Exercise will help you stay toned and build endurance for labor, but every woman is going to gain weight eventually because of baby, fluids, placenta, extra fat storage, etc...are you worried about showing?


katie00 - March 31

How far along are you?With my first(girl) I fit into my jeans until the six month mark but not to many people relizied I was pregnant to close to the nine month mark.Even at that they thought i was six months.I am tall with a bigger built in good shape.I was and am never a fitness buff just like to stay active.I can't stand to just sit and do nothing all day.With my second I noticed a bump at the five month mark.It was a boy and I did carry differently and it was noticible to other around 71/2 months.It is funny.I found this site helping a friend and registered for this reason.I had two easy pregnancy's,labor's and didn't show early and everyone thought it was odd.I thought I could give rea__surance that it was fine to others like me.


ataylor724 - March 31

I'm 5 months and still have muscle definition in my abs. More than I had before somehow and I haven't been working out. I was complaining about not showing when one of my mommy friends told me that when she had her daughter (she is about my size 5'6" 125 lbs) she did not have to wear maternity clothes until her 8th month and then her belly grew 5 inches in one week. Even when she delivered her 8 lb baby she was having to pin on her size small maternity clothes. Some say that the smaller you are the more you will gain and if you were overweight to being with you may never be able to tell, but my doctor seems to not be worried at all and said it's very possible to not show until around 30 weeks depending on how strong your ab muscles are. Hope this helps :)


katie00 - March 31

That is so true about heavier people.I don't want to offend anyone but there is no other way to put it.I knew a woman who was short and atleast 250 pound or more.I hadn't seen her in a while and asked where she was.Boy was I shocked to find out she had a baby,I didn't even know she was pregnant.If you don't show to much just think you may not have to buy maternity clothes.I bought strechy cotton pants and slighty larger tee-shirts.


HannahBaby - April 1

i started showing at about 4 months with my first and im 12 weeks now and i think just bloated....however i did read that you can expect to show 2-4 weeks earlier with your 2nd then with your


Olivene - April 1

I had a very nice stomach before pregnancy and have never been overweight, but I still showed around 15 weeks (this is my first- never been pregnant before this). I think it has to do with body structure. I am kind of short between my hipbones and my ribcage. I just think there's nowhere to go but out! I was really surprised to show. I figured it would seem like forever before anyone would be able to see my belly!


Erynn21 - April 1

Hi I am 18 wks. w/my 1st have shown kinda since 2 mths. I lost my curves at my waist almost immediately. Only my hubby and I noticed no one else would have. I am now looking very pg. Definitely not invisible. I already am really curvy and always have been. I haven't gained much weight, I think I already had some fat storage to lose my arms are actually slimming down. I am in good shape, but just have curves, everyone is different. If you're not showing at least you can wear your clothes for awhile I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe, which is okay I like clothes and I like my pg body.


squished - April 3

I'm only 9 weeks and as the day goes on I definetly get more bloated, but in the morning I'm my normal size again. Hopefully it stays that wat for a little while more! My brothers girlfriend was absolutely HUGE at 12 weeks! She tapered off some last month, but started expanding a lot again the last couple of weeks. I'm thankful that hasn't happened to me yet :)


kari15 - April 3

I am 23 weeks preggers with my 1st baby and am STILL barely showing at all....even nurses commentedt to me saying there is no way i'm that pregnant but the baby is 23 weeks developed and fine in size.....i played varsity field hockey in college, so obviously I exercised pretty my doctor is not concerned.....i still exercise as much as possible....and i do so just to stay in as much shape as possible and for the easier delivery....a healthy amount of exercise cannot hurt anyone!


destany - April 3

I was in my seventh month before I was showing to others with my first baby. It really does depend on your build, plus the position or tilt of your uterus and how fit you are.


natsaha - April 4

Well im small im 5' and i weigh 102 pnds, im having triplets..!!! and im 10 weeks now, i JUST STARTED SHOWING. but i can suck in my stomache and not even show at all, but i think in my case, im not a big help because im carrying three lol, but good luck. everyone is different!



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