Irish County Names

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Rhee - May 7

I'm considering naming my son after an Irish county. What do you think about Cork? My Irish family came from Cork. My daughter is named Tallulah Ryann. If I had a daughter this time I would name her Kerry , Offaly or Tipperary. Other names I've thouhgt about for a boy are Limerick, Kilkenny, Mayo, Sligo and Derry. What do you think? which name is the best one?


sandra-c - May 8

kerry is ok for a girl and maybe Derry for a boy but I dont like the others. You dont want the child to get teased at school but its your choice. I did like Ireland for a girl but not sure if its too unusual. My hubbys family are irish so we will pick an irish name probably


soimpatient - May 8

I agree with sandra-c...kerry & and derry are okay....but the others are...uh...not the greatest.


Angelaw. - May 8

I agree that I am not a fan of most of the names. I really don't like Cork. I agree, Kerry and Derry are pretty good (for a boy IMO). What about shortening some of the other names out there like Kilkenny to Kenny or Limerick to Rick. Cavan (maybe modify to Kavan) and Tyrone are also counties in Ireland. Also some Irish city names that are kind of cool are Ashford, Bandon, Boyle, Bray, Callan, Douglas, Kinsale, Lucan, Quin, and Shannon. Some of these are a little "girly" for my taste for a boy, but out of your list my fav would be Derry and out of the others I like Ashford and Lucan. Good Luck!


frankschick2001 - May 8

Kerry is nice. All the others are questionable. Try not to go with something that only you love. Try to consider your child's feelings too. There is no way he'll get away with a name like "Cork" in school. Don't do that to the poor kid. Limerick just isn't a name at all to me. Mayo is a terrible choice. I'm sorry if I sound blunt, but you'll do whatyou want anyway, so I may as well state my own opinion :) Anyway, Mayo is NOT a name! My best friend's last name is Mayo and she caught hell for it for most of her childhood, so having it as a first name will be even worse for your kid. There are plenty of nice Irish names to choose from, why go with an Irish county? Kilkenny is straight out of "south park".



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