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pregnantjackie - March 9

My gyno prescribed me iron pills in addition to the prenatal vitamins. My bloodwork that I had from a different doctor said my iron levels were perfect. This is a new gynocologist who has never seen me before and doesn't seem very good. Should I take the iron pills too or get a second opinion?


yumymumy - March 10

if the doctor doesnt seem good for you then get another opinion. i know my iron levels droped within days and i had to be put on medication while pregnant, so maybe the time inbetween seeing the 2 doctors your iron levels went down. if your unsure ask for them to be checked again, if not i dont think a doctor would prescribe you something if it wasnt needed. all the best with your pregnancy:)


pregnantjackie - March 10

How can a doctor tell if your iron levels are down? He did not do any blood tests and prescribed them anyway...the bloodtests I had before were the most recent, they were months ago and said my iron levels were high


DownbutnotOUT - March 11

I suffer from anemia and have for the last 3 pregnancies and every time I was prescribed iron supplements was because my levels were always Low. I would not take them if your levels are high because there is iron in prenatal vitamins. I would go to a different Gyno, it sounds a little strange because to much iron can cause problems. I should also add that this pregnancy Im low normal for iron levels but my OBGYN wants me to take 1 supplement every 2 days because of my previous problems but I only do when I feel I need too (low energy etc). take care


Allisonc79 - March 12

I wouldn't go as far as trying a different OB, but find out why she prescribed more iron, if it is from bloodwork results take it if not leave them alone. Who wants more than the necessary amount of iron? gross.


Allisonc79 - March 12

ps. My OB prescribed me like 320 mg of iron because I was worried about my iron levels, I asked her if you could overdose on iron and she said no its fine to take that much. I of course am not taking that much till my blood results come in. Iron makes me so sick.



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