Iron Pills

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teresa - May 16

I am 24 weeks and my iron is low. I take prenatal vitamins, but my dr. prescribed me some other iron pills to take also. I took these for a week and was so swollen I couldn't bend my toes or fingers, I haven't taken them for 3 days and I've had no major swelling, (just the basic), think this is a coincidence or anyone else experience this?


Maddie - May 16

I'm not sure. I think it's a coincidence though. I was prescribed iron/folic acid tablets at around 30 weeks and I guess I did start swelling afterwards...but I'm in my 3rd trimester so I figured that was normal. The swelling also went away when I drank tons of water. Try drinking a bunch of water and see what happens to the swelling. I'd keep taking those pills though, cause the baby needs the iron...and you do too...I think it keeps you energized.


teresa - May 16

mine are just iron tablets, I was swelling a little b4 the pills but it was awful last week when i took them, i couldn't open a pop. I drink water all the time too.. I also had a bad migraine last week, i think im going crazy, lol


Kaz - May 16

Iron tablets make me constipated. Try and eat more greens. The greener the better for iron. Also drink OJ, the vitamin C a__sist in the body's absorbtion of iron. Avoid drinking tea with your meals or within half hour of eating. The tannins in tea stop the absorbtion of iron.


JenniferB - May 16

I was anemic during the end of my pregnancy and was told to take iron pills but wasn't very good about remembering to take it. I was anemic when I had my son and it caused problems with my milk coming in. I would call your doctor and see what they say. I am not sure if it causes swelling. Good luck


Justine - May 16

Teresa - I'd report the swelling to your doctor asap as I think it can be a sign of pre-eclamsia which is can be extremely serious if not monitored closely.



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