Irregular Period And Confused

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amorga - October 19

I have an irregular period, so i really don't know when to expect it this month it came down last month on the 10th and in august on the 6th so i thought it would come at the beginning but it hasn't come yet. my br___t are a little sore(not like normal), frequent urination, frequent bowel movements, and a little pain in my stomach now and then. took 2 hpt within 2days both were negative. 2 of my bff's are pregnant and they both swear im pregnant but i deny it. can someone help me understand, should i wait 2 see if my period comes?


Tory1980 - October 20

It is not uncommon for pregnancy tests to read negative for a while before showing positive. If you conceived late in your cycle it will take longer for it to show positive also and with irregular periods it can mean you ovulate at random times in your cycle. I would wait and do another one in a few days and if still no sign go and see your Doctor. Unfortunatley early pregnancy signs are similar to those before your period so I wouldn't go by them for now. Good luck!


sam21 - October 20

I have very irregular periods too since coming off the pill. I went to see my doctor and she believes it's because my testosterone level (i had blood tests and all were normal but the testosterone a bit higher than normal) is a bit high that i don't ovulate and thus the irregular periods. She suggested i wait three months and if i'm not pregnant by then i'd go on a birth control Diane for three months to see if that levels out my hormones. After that we'd probably try fertility drugs of some sort. If i were you i'd check with my doctor.


tanyaleigh - October 21

I also say check with your Dr. I had irregular periods as well, then for a while they normaled out, then back to irreg. Finally my Dr. said "enough" your body can't keep doing this (my hormone levels were messing up because of it) and he wanted to be sure there wasnt something missed in all the other testing done... ie: U/s endometrial biopsy, cervical biopsy etc... so finally 2 weeks ago I had a D&C with hysteroscopy... durring which time he did find a polyp in my uterus, that he removed, he thinks this will now get me on the track to normal, but it's soon so now I play waitiin game.. thankfully my biopsy's all came back neg.. but it's not a chance you should take, irreg. cycles sometimes can mean a lot more than just an annoyance to you. Good luck!


amorga - October 29

well i went to the doc. friday and i got a pap smear and some blood drawn and that was it, but still no period. i have to go back on the 9th for my results of my pap smear, maybe she'll tell me sumthing else. i also took another test this morning and its still negative.


amorga - November 15

well i still havent had a period since sept 10th i cant say ive had alot of symptoms just constant urination, stomach pain and a alot of veins in my b___st took another test last nite but still negative that makes 4. but like i said i have irregular periods so i dont know whether to expect it or just wait for a positive test.


Grandpa Viv - November 15

Boobs, peeing, diarrhea, veins, and weird cramps are positive signs. How about tired, lotion discharge, appet_te, smells, foods, nausea, dizzy, short of breath, acne, runny nose, dreams? Use first morning pee for testing, and test weekly until your signs have been around for a month. If you still can't get a positive in that time, something else is going on that you can ask the doc about on the 9th. Meanwhile take prenatal vitamins for saftey. Good luck!


amorga - November 16

thanks grandpa viv, well the biggest sign i have is the smells omg they drive me crazy its like i can smell everything but sometimes most of what i smell, smells like peanut b___ter and i hate peanut b___ter and also i keep having dreams about being pregnant and pregnancy test(maybe due to thinking about it befor i go to sleep) and my mom said she dreamed about fish, that was how my friend found out she was pregnant when she dreamed of a pregnancy test. but how do i explain the 4 negative test im just guessing its all in my mind. but thanks anyway


KaylaJay - November 16

I feel your frustration..Im over a week late and have had 2 negative tests and last night had a dream about a positive test. Haha. only cuz I cant stop thinking about I guess. I had a pap test a few weeks ago and get my results on Monday, so im stuck wandering whats going on :-/



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