Irritable Uterus

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tina - March 24

i am 17 weeks pregnant, and went to the dr today thinking i was having the braxton hicks contractions. but i was told by my dr that i have an irritable uterus. how serious is this and what causes it? she just told me that i needed to refrain from s_x and rest as often as i can.


to tina - March 25

why didnt you ask the doc those questions whilst you were there? sorry cant be of any help...but at least i bumped your question to the top again!


tina - March 25

sometimes its hard to think of these questions while ur sitting in the office. i just got home and my mind seemed to wonder. just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this. sorry if i sound so stupid.


Kelly K - March 25

Take a look at this: You don't sound stupid. None of us can ever remember what we want to ask since we're usually in shock.


Kelly K - March 25

Take the hypens out of the URL.


to tina - March 25

you didnt sound stupid,sorry if what i wrote came out the wrong way.


tina - March 25

thank you, Kelly K.


CYNTHIA - March 26

Hello I was just in the hospital yesterday for that same reason, irritable uterus. I was told (in my case)it was because I wasnt drinking enough water, I was dehydrated. And that causes the uterus to partially contract...and you can also see a little bleeding...They said it doesnt affect the baby or the cervix. Good luck.


darksun - April 1

I'm 12 weeks and doc says that's probably what I've got. My whole life I've had unbearable periods and bleeding with uterine contractions after a pap. I've never had an abnormal pap so we've decided to wait until my 14th week to have another pap. I can't walk a block without triggering it. If I wear pants that are too tight around my belly , I get it. Doc says if it gets too bad, he'll have to put me on bed rest. This is my first pregnancy so he said it could just take my body a while to get used to the baby in there....I just hope everything is ok with the next pap.


gwiip - April 1

I'm trying for a baby and all I ended up with was an irritated uterus cramping, some spotting etc. It's healing up now I'm thinking of you. Next month we will try for a bady instead. :-)


jan - April 10

my wife is currently in hospital with irritable uterus: they actually thought she was going to deliver this past Tues and has been in hospital since, with 4-6 hrs hard contractions followed by approx 24 hrs relatively few contractions, then starts all over again. As she's only 24 weeks pregnant they are obviously trying to keep the twins in there. Some say it's the babies' activity that is triggering it; sometimes it's her body position that isn't helping; dehydration is also a cause.


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