Is 19 Too Young To Have A Baby

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M.Rose - November 14

I am 19 years old, and my husband is 21 years old. We really want to have a baby, but are not very wealthy. We do alright financially, able to pay all the bills and have money to have fun on, or for emergancy purposes. Are we too young to be parents?


ollie - November 14

hiya if your managing ok and you even think your self you dont do bad and you want a baby go for it i dont see why not if your doing ok and you both want a baby i got pregnant at 16 i struggled abit but found my way in the end i guess everyone does...but thats entirely uptoo you :)


Shannon - November 14

I'm 20 and so is my husband and we just found out that we are expecting! I was wondering if 20 was to young but like you, we are okay financially and ready for the challenge! I'm still adjusting to the fact that my WHOLE LIFE will be changing in the not so distant future but I know that I will be gaining so much more than I will be losing! Do what feel right and things will work out just fine! Good Luck.


KM - November 14

It really depends on you as a person, some ppl aren't even ready for a baby at 30! If you feel you are ready then go for it :)


E - November 14

The important thing is that you said "we" want a baby. Hey, if its a mutual feeling and you won't be dependent on others, you are ready in my opinion. Best wishes and have fun making the baby!! Wear something hot for him.


Michelle - November 14

I am 19 and pregnant, I think that it is the greatest thing in the world! Some people think that 19 is too young to have a baby but I dont. I look at my 22 year old sister and I am so much more ready then she is. It is all up to you and if you are ready. I think that I am going to miss the freedom but I would so much rather be a mother. Good luck.


k - November 14

No you are not too young and you have a stable family for your baby. I say go for it. But if you are planning a baby you should start buying baby stuff now.


Amanda N - November 15

I don't think it is at all. I am 22 and my husband is 23 and we both want kids. We just got married in May and are expecting now, we didn't want to wait! Like KM and E said depends on the person and that you both want this and are able to handle things!


Mommy2 - November 15

I had my son when i was 20. It was not planned,i was with his dad for 4 years at the time i got preg,I can't imagine my life without him in it he is my heart.He is now going to be 7 next month and im expecting #2 in Dec. as well,he is very excited! Good luck to you.


Brittany - November 16

I think that if you have enough money left over to play with then you should have enough money to take care of baby with. I'm not going to lie, but babies are really expensive. I don't think your to young to have a baby as long as you take care of it. I hate when I see a baby that has a nasty face or smells like throw-up.


karen - November 16

i am 19 also and pregnant w/my 1st. my bf is 20 and we live together. we didn't plan this, but now that it is happening, we can't wait. he is totally supportive and so is my family. we don't have much money either. like you we make the bills and are able to go out to eat and stuff, but it will be well worth making a few sacrifices to have a precious little baby. you are not too young to be parents. i think youth isn't measured in age, it is measured in knowledge and att_tude. it sounds like you are mentally ready, and thats what counts.


claire - November 16

I some times feel the same cause iv just turned 20 and 17weeks pregnant. My b/f is 24 and is delighted. I am delighted but i tend to try look into the future and wonder what if, iv told myself im not going to do that anymore cause iv lots of support but i dont think you are too young and if youve got lots of support just enjoy it and the same to everyone out there, i know people have lots of doubts and its understandable, the way i look at it is that everything happens for a reason and whats meant to be is meant to be. So take care of yourselves.x p.s. i think i would be lost without this sight, its so good to get advice from girls in the same situation.x


E - November 16

I do not think that having extra money is necessary to have a baby. We also make our bills but have some credit card debt due to the expensive city we will live in for the short term. We sort of "wrote it off" and decided we would go into a bit of debt for 2 years. Still, we are commited 31 year olds who feel it is time to extend the love that we have for each other to a baby. We won't be eating out and trips will be put off but it is a sacrafice we are more than happy to make. I think the key question is are you happy to give up some of the extras to start a family?


Skylar - November 16

I'm 19 and my baby is due dec. 14th so in my opinion no it's not to early. If you know you want a baby then you must be ready


Erin - November 16

I don't think you're too young...but why not enjoy your youth for a bit...i'm 20 and LOVING life doing what i want when i want with my's a VERY big step and i have contemplated it but realized there is still plenty of time...maybe 6 years from now....try living luck sweet pea!


M.Rose - November 17

Thank you everyone for all the positive comments, I really appreciate it. And good luck to all of you that are expecting. My husband and I actually started trying a couple months ago, but nothing we'll wait and see what happens. Thanx again!


m - November 17

Good luck M. Rose. And coming from a 33 year old, I do not think 19 is too young. As long as you and hubby are ready, and you guys can support a child, hey go for it! I didn't start until 26, so I kindof wish I could've had that jump start, too. But oh well, I couldn't ask for anything better than I already have. Again, don't you worry about age. If you're ready, you're ready!!



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