Is 27 Weeks Too Early To Have A Baby Shower

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Rachel* - April 6

I'm due on Sept. 27th and was wanting to have a baby shower toward the end of July. Howevery, my best friend will be having a scheduled C-section the beginning of August and another friend will be moving out of state at the end of July. The only dates that would work for my mom (who is comming from another state) are June 25 or July 17. I like the idea of June 25 because it won't be so hot, but I will only be 27 weeks along. Is that too early for a baby shower?


Heavenly - April 6

Hey Rachel* :o) I don't think that it's too early. I am having two showers. My first I was only 29 weeks (currently 32). I say go for it!!!! Congrats and I hope the baby shower is as fun for you as it was for me :o) Btw, do you know what the s_x of the baby is yet???? I am having a girl.


Jena - April 6

no, I don't think it's too early - it's not like you're picking the date out of a hat - you have valid reasons to want/need it early. and if you know the s_x of the baby, then even better because you can start getting things organized early! GL!


monica - April 6

I agree... I dont think too early. Your more than half way there. Have fun.


Alexis - April 6

A friend of mine had her baby shower also at 27 weeks it was thrown for her at that time because she was due in Jan. So they didn't want her to get stiffed because of all the holidays. Anyhoo she looked fantastic because she was not huge, bloated or looking like she was about ready to pop.The good thing about that too is that she was pretty well organized when it came time for the baby.good luck


Rachel* - April 6

Thanks ladies. Heavenly, I hope to find out the s_x in 5 weeks :)


Lou - April 7

Um it is a little early but not that early your picking the best so that everyone you know and love can make it and if those are the date then go for it


anyone?? - April 7

what exactly is a baby shower?(we dont have these in the uk!)


Alexis - April 7

Wow, A baby shower is thrown in the honour of the mom to be and friends and family shower her with gifts for her baby. And you play some games and get prizes. They are fun!


anyone?? - April 8

thanks alexis,was curious about that for a while! they sound like fun!



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