Is A Yeast Bv Dangerous How Can You Tell You Have 1

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embarrassed - September 26

Is it dangerous to have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis in your third trimester? How do you know if you have one? I have only ever had one infection down there, and it was BV, but i had no idea i had it. I get sort of itchy down there, but it's not constantly. It's more on the outside.. I don't know if there is any smell, because frankly since becoming pregnant it's just smelled off, and my discharge has been very strange since becoming pregnant too.. it's white and not see through, but sort of runny.. there's lots of it, or i will go a few days without any. (i'm so sorry, that's probably way tmi). I have a doc appointment in a few weeks, and am going to bring it up then, but he is really hard to get appointments with, especially on short notice so i want to know.. Does it sound like i have some kind of infection.. my only reliable symptom is itching, and will it cause harm to my baby if i do have one and i wait three weeks to see a doc.


Lissi - September 26

I don't know about BV, but I had a yeast infection late in my third trimester. It's not dangerous, but best that you get it cleared up before delivery, because you'll be uncomfortable enough afterwards, without extra itching and soreness. There is a chance you can pa__s it on to the baby, but again, it's harmless and easily treated. It might just make it uncomfortable for the baby to feed, if it has a sore mouth. See if you can get an appointment with your Dr sooner, because it's best to clarify what your symtoms are and which treatments are most effective and safe during pregnancy. I was given Caneston pessary and cream, and it cleared up in a week.


Mar - September 26

From what I understand BV is pretty "dangerous" to have (in the sense that you want to get it taken care of) and a yeast infection is not as serious. I am not sure why though and will try to find some info for you. I have already had two yeast infections with this preg. I'll be back with more info


Mar - September 26

Here is it: Bacterial vaginosis is a__sociated with preterm labor, premature rupture of the bag of waters which leads to preterm labor, infection of the amniotic fluid, placenta and baby during labor



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