Is Abdominal Discomfort Common In Early Pregnancy

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Alycia - August 23

I had some cramps Sunday and Monday, but they've stopped. (I'm 8 dpo, so I know that could be a good sign). But now, I feel a general sense of discomfort in my lower abdomen. I really feel it when I twist or whenI lay on my stomach. Did anyone else have this and turn out pregnant? I have no other symptoms yet.


Lena - August 24

Yes, I had this. I had a sharp pain from my left ovary down all day at 8dpo, and then bloating and a general discomfort like my pants were too tight for two weeks afterwards.


Deb - August 24

I am 8dpo and feel the same thing!! Along with alot of lotioney cm. Do you have this as well? Lena did you have this?


Pristy - August 24

Well I am also 8dpo and that is why I can not sleep at night because my stomach feels so unfortable I be moving from side to side to get comfortable i can not sleep on my stomach at all my mosy comfortable side is the right side,but i do not have no signs either the only signs I am having is headaches and gas i burp so much even when i am hungry I just burp all day LOL and i my apet_te has increased like i can eat alot but i can never get full and even if I do get full i will be hungry one hour later , and I also urine alot but that is eat I have not throwned up or my b___st is not sore I kind of worry about that can anyone tell me is that a problem that i do not have sore b___st or is not throwing up????


Alycia - August 24

Thanks for your responses, everybody. I'm 9 dpo today, and some mild cramping has returned, although I'm not as tender to the touch anymore. But still no other symptoms! I'm praying it's not PMS, but I never get cramps this early, so there's hope. I always read about people who had all these symptoms (sore b___sts, etc.) before they missed their periods, but I think there are probably many out there who didn't feel anything so early. At least I hope so!


kennes - August 25

I wonder if those o fu who are waiting for AF to come have experienced fluctuating pg symptoms? Each of my pg-like symptoms took turns to attack me: e.g. lots of lotiony cm last week, breaking lots of wind then stopped a few days and now burping is back, heartburn for 2 days and stopped, runny nose came and left, constipated for a few days and stopped, tugging pains on my left-side when I walked too much but now I feel no pain at all, nausea earlier this week but now I'm ok. I'm 25dpo.


kennes - August 25

I'm not saying that all my pg-like symptoms have gone. Rather, the old ones came and left, while new ones are coming. The only thing that's constant is fatigue and hunger. E.g. It was bad heartburn and hunger at the same time that I had to wake up at 5.30am to make breakfast! Today, it's just stuffy and runny nose non-stop...


Alycia - August 25

Kennes - you're 25 dpo, have you gotten a positive preg test yet?


Alycia - August 27

Thanks for all your responses. I got a faint positive last night and two more this morning, so I guess that explains everything! Baby dust to all!!


Ca__sie - August 27

Sounds good Alycia. I was just going to add that my first symptoms were cramping and bloating. Actually, it is normal to have abdominal discomfort almost throughout the entire pregnancy. Not constant... but here and there. After all... our entire bodies are changing!



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