Is Aciphex Safe During Pregnancy

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mk - October 22

Does anyone know if Aciphex is safe to use during pregnancy? I had a miscarriage a couple of months ago, and I've wondered if it could have possibly been due to the fact that I was taking Aciphex before I knew I was pregnant. So probably 2 weeks after conception or so, I was still taking it. I quit when I found out I was pregnant.


mk - October 22

PS - I read that it is Category B. My OB took me off of my allergy medication 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my son because it is Category B. What does this mean?


Reb - October 22

I am having similar question about Singulair, which is category B. Category B means that they can't say the drug is safe for the fetus, but they don't think the drug causes harm based on tests on animals. For example, I know Singulair has been tested in rats and rabbits and seems to have no effect on the fetus. Some drugs changes Categories during pregnancy, like they may be safe during the first trimester but not the last. From everything I understand though, if you are taking a drug for a while without knowing you re pregnant, it probably can't harm the baby. I had a miss last May, and I wondered about my Singulair and Claritin, but I am convinced now that my miss was unrelated - they estimate that 30% of pregnancies end in misses, most early in pregancy, for any number of reasons. Do a google search on "pregnancy category medication" and you should be able to find all the definitions you need. Also, at, you can get the test data for Aciphex and why it is rated Cat B.


name - October 22

I have also read that allergie medications are not advised.. which sucks because I know that in pregnancy your allergies become more pronounced. Try to find some natural things that deal with the discomforts you experience. such as a hunidifier at night to help with breathing etc..



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