Is Anyone Drinking Coffee

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Wanna Know - April 27

Just wondering if anyone is drinking far along are you? How much do you drink per day? I am drinking about one to two cups of coffee a day. Any stories of drinking coffee while pregnant?


Maddie - April 27

C'mon...I know someone has to be on the same boat... =(


April - April 27

coffee isn't really even that good for you when you're NOT pregnant... you probably shouldn't be drinking that much while you are... tooo much caffeine


Jill - April 28

I know too much coffee can cause some very bad birth defects but I drink a cup or two a week I've read that 2 or more cups a day is very bad also your baby will be addicted and cranky, but a little bit is O.K my due date was yesterday baby is big and healthy and doesn't want to come out


Whatever - April 28

Too much coffee does NOT cause birth defects. Relax and try and drink only decaffinated and you'll be fine. Pregnant women drink sodas way more than coffeee, which is worse.


Ludo - April 28

I was told that you shouldn't drink too much coffee, because recent studies have show a link between drinking coffee in pregnancy and cot death. I was told that one or even two cups per day was ok.


Sandra - April 28

I love my coffee and the dr told me to cut down, not to stop. I was told 2 cups a day is acceptable. I do take my coffees half strength now though, but mostly it's so I feel better about it. I am 7 weeks pg and so far every scan has been very positive.


Justine - April 28

Caffeine has been linked to miscarriage so women who have miscarried before are not supposed to drink any. Otherwise you should limit your caffeine intake. Filter coffee/Starbucks etc has loads of caffeine in it but instant coffee and tea has very little.


Wanna Know - April 28

I am drinking about 2 cups a day...but not everyday at all. It's instant coffee and I bought the half decaf half reg. kind. I also love dunkin donuts coffee, which to me, seems like it has more sugar and milk than caffeine? I KNOW starbucks has a TON of caffeine in it though cause It's too strong for me, even when I WASN"T preg.


E - April 28

Go to the March of Dimes website, for info on the amount of caffiene that is "safe" during pregnancy. I think it may be less than 4 cups per day. There is a lot of useful info regarding pregnancy that women may find helpful.


E - April 28

Oh, I had 1/2 cup, literally if measured, a few days per week in my second and third trimester. It was from Dunkin Donuts and it tasted GREAT with a fat a__s donut. It was all I needed to feel better about my trek in to work.


Heidi - April 28

A few times a week I fill my big mug up with coffee at work. I can't live without it! I also drink a can of pop almost every day. It won't hurt you to have it in moderation. Just don't have 10 cups of coffee or three cans of pop a day!


Karen - April 28

I aksed my mother about coffee. She told me that she drank one to two cups a day when she was pregnant with me and my brother and sisters. We are all perfectlly fine. She said it is more for those that drink 5/6 cups a day that may be a problem. My doc told me that decaff is fine. I drink half coffee and half hot water. I also only drink coffee like twice a week now. My craving is now hot chocolate. Take care and I am sure all our little ones are fine. I say a prayer each night.


E - April 28

Know this - caffeine increases the amount of time that a fetus stays awake in utero. Fetal growth occurs during sleep, and increased periods of wake can hinder growth. It is actually a very simple concept. Moderation... Let baby sleep.


Justine - April 28

Wanna Know - I think if its 1-2 instant coffees you're drinking esp. as your drinking half decaff it's fine. Instant coffee has very little caffeine in it - the problem comes with filter coffee/Stabucks where even one cup takes you way over the recommended daily limit. I looked it up before.


Leahp - April 29

I have to have coffee every morning, but I only have one cup and maybe two on the weekend, I also make sure to drink plenty of water with it and juice, so I know my baby isn't only getting coffee! My husband's mom sat around her whole pregnancy and drank coffee and smoked cigarettes and he's fine, although I must say he had breathing problems when he was first born and had to be in a incubator, so just moderation and today studies do say breathing problems and asthma can occur from too much caffeine!


ilse - June 14

I'm shocked at the misconceptions I am reading on this site-- 300 mg of caffeine a day is considered safe. That translates to about 3 cups of coffee per day. Starbucks regular coffee does have a lot of caffeine, but if you choose a specialty drink it has far less - for instance a tall latte has about 70 mg of caffeine versus 130 found in regular coffee. Instant has more caffeine than regular coffee, not less. And Starbucks coffee is not any stronger than any other brand, it is the amount of sugar added to their beverages that makes a lot of people jittery. Green or black teas have just as much caffeine, sometimes more, than regular coffee. Also, if you are going to drink coffee in moderation (1-2 cups a day), stick with regular coffee instead of decaffeinated, because the chemicals added to decaf coffee to extract the caffeine can interfere with the iron absorption of your prenatal vitamins. Moderation is the key!



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