Is Anyone Else Experiencing This

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Niki - December 1

I am in my 24th week with my 4th pregnancy.Most of the time the baby does not move until after 8PM.Sometimes I do not feel anything for 2 or 3 days.Is anyone else experiencing this?My other 3 babies were very active from about 18 weeks.(they are all girls)


Charlene - December 1

I am 26 weeks and experience some days with more activity and others there almost seems to be none. Sometimes I wonder if I am just not paying attention or if I am so used to it, that I don't even notice. I have also heard that it can depend on where baby is kicking - sometimes they are kicking at the back (toward your insides) and you don't tend to feel those. I would not worry , but talk wth your Dr if it will rea__sure you!


April - December 1

My doctor told me that you should at a minimum, feel the baby move once a day. Not trying to freak you out, that's just what mine told me.


MeM - December 1

Niki, do not worry. I'm 21 weeks and yesterday I was asking my doctor about movement because some days he kicks me a lot and I also go 2 to three days without feeling anything. She said it would be a while before the kicks would be constant. But I tend to notice more kicks after I'm done exercising. Maybe and hour or two after I feel lots of movement, that's what's been keeping doing my exercises just being able to feeling him. :)


to Niki - December 1

I don't think that there is anything wrong with what your experiencing. Alot of babies are active at night and perhaps you aren't awake to feel her kicks and movements. I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you're really concerned ask you doctor.


Bonnie - December 1

I don't get many kicks, but a lot of flip flopping and little nudges throughout the day and night. I'm 21 weeks.


anita - December 1

i'll be 25wks tomorrow & i'm noticing the EXACT same thing. she was moving constantly throughout the day, but now i only feel her at night when i go to sleep. if i do feel her durring the day, the movement is weaker and doesn't last long. i also had family over for 3 days during thanksgiving and she barely moved at all. i just ordered a doppler last night to ease my mind. maybe you should try one too.



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