Is Anyone Else This Scared

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Babs - May 6

This is my first pregnancy. I have a Dr. appt in 3 weeks. I have had 3 + home tests. I am scared to death. I know the mild cramping is normal. My br___ts hurt on and off, and I am absolutly terrified that something is going to go wrong. I am overweight, I recently lost 40 pounds, I am eating healthy, I quit smoking about the time I got pregnant.(unknowingly) I am just terrified. Is this normal?


rb - May 6

welcome to pregnancy :) - try not to stress to much because it will exacerbate your symptoms i have found... just be mellow pregnant lady - cuz there isn't much else you can do for the next few months... i was and sometimes still am terrified... it helps to talk to friends/ family about it... and it's absolutely normal to be scared.. it's my first too and sometimes i have little panic attacks, but i take them one at a time... good luck!


April - May 6

Don't worry... you said you're eating healthy and you quit smoking and that is definately a great start to having a healthy baby! So just listen to what your doctors tell you to do, and make sure to tell them about any concerns you have (I write mine down and take them to the appt. with me) and they can put your mind at ease on most things. I've found that I have worried about stuff that wasn't even anything to worry about... so I just quit worrying and I've felt fabulous ever since!


GD - May 7

I am terrified too. This is my first child and you can only image..... I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and i had lower abdominal pain for the last 3 days so i was freaking out, finally i went to the doctor and he was scared that this may signal a miscarriage so he ordered me an ultrasound and absolute rest.. thankfully everything looks good and now i can relax.. the pain is gone and i am planning to enjoy every single moment. Don't worry, i agree with RB, the more you think the workt you are going to feel, relax and think positive.. Enjoy!


Jbear - May 8

It's very normal to be scared. It means you're going to be a good mom, because you're already worrying about the baby. It's great that you lost 40 lbs, that will make your pregnancy a lot safer. It's also wonderful that you were able to quit smoking. You're already on the right track. I found that the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" was very rea__suring during my first pregnancy. Every time I was worried about any little thing, I would look it up and feel better. Maybe it would work for you too...


April - May 8

JBear... I LOVE THAT BOOK!!!! You are absolutely right... it's sooo rea__suring.. that book answered EVERY question I had... it's awesome! that should be required reading for all first-time pregnancies


wendy - May 26

congradulations on the pregnancy, loosing the weight and for quitting smoking. pregnancy is very scary I'm 6 months and 1 week. it is a girl and im going to be a single mom. when my boyfriend found out i was having a baby. he threaten to kill me and the baby. i left him and went back and he kept hitting me so he is jail for a long time.anyways hang in their, when you have your first appt. you will be able to hear the baby's heart beat, thats amazing. you will feel the baby move around 5 months that feels so cool. its really not so bad. just hang in their and their is alot of help out their. good luck!!!!



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