Is Anyone Else Tired Of Looking Fat Instead Of Pregnant

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STEPHANI - October 31



Jen - October 31

Yeah and it sucks all you can do it look fat


Nicole - October 31

I have the same problem I am 21 weeks I am not showing yet but I am bigger and it really bothers me I was very tiny before I got prego and now I just feel like I am fat hubby says that people can tell just by looking at me that im not fat that im prego he says we have a glow is this true? or is he just nuts lol?


Natalie - October 31

Yeah I feel ya'lls pain! I am 36 weeks now and I FINALLY starting showing around 33 weeks! It sucked because everyone would be like 'oh, you've gained weight!' And I was like yeah I'm freakin 7 months pregnant! People just thought I had let myself go! So it is so nice to have a big stomach now! It's weird because when people see me now they say 'oh you have only gained weight in your tummy and b___bs, you look so cute!' It is nice to look proportioned again! So don't worry, the big belly will come and you look like a cute little pregnant women soon!


jena - October 31

those were hard days for me - very depressing! once i got a belly that was hard i was so excited. now i'm 35 weeks and terrified of having that belly again... but no baby inside (when i'm recovering) so I won't have an excuse!


M.A. - November 1

I was looking more fat too. I didn't really start popping out until week 17 or 18. The tummy grew a little, and looked more like fat, but then just popped out like a beach ball in a couple of weeks! I'm 20 weeks now, and put on a maternity shirt for the first time yesterday, and was shocked to see that I really look pregnant now! The shirt fit, but is a little tight too to show the tummy. I think I'll just wear maternity shirts from now on instead of regular big shirts.


Ceecee - November 1

Everyone who doesn't know I"m pregnant has been telling me that I look like I've put on weight . I hate it!


mel - November 1

Yup, me too. I looked fat until my 34th week the with the first preg and I'm 36 weeks now and am just starting to look pregnant. I hate it!!! I notice I got treated differently too each time I started to look fat.


karen - November 1

Oh, it's so frustrating! I bought some maternity clothes for when I get big, but I didn't think about this miserable in-between state. I'm only 15 weeks and too big to wear my regular pants, but too small for maternity clothes. To the few of you who have had people comment about you gaining weight--I can't believe anyone would actually say that!!! That's like going up to someone and saying "You have a huge zit on your nose," as if they didn't know.


Lacy - November 1

I totally felt like that for a while-now I'm just sick of looking/being pregnant! I swear the maternity shirts make you look pregnant though, maybe try that!


cr - November 2

I'm 30 weeks along, today I took my kids to get there pictures made. I was a little tired and out of breath, so I sat on the stool for a minute. The photographer stopped and looked at me and said "Are you okay, are you pregnant?" Yes, 7months. It's embarressing when you get this far along and people aren't sure.


mom of 4 - November 2

normal...brestfeed afterwards and that will really suck off the fat (literally!!)



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