Is Anyone Else Totally Stuck With Finding A Name

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Kel - July 7

My husband and I really can't seem to find names we can agree on. We're having our first boy and I tend to like different names while he likes wha the calls "all american" names. The only name we can agree on is Ryan Patrick. I like the name but I feel like there are so many boys named Ryan. SOmething difficult for both of us is that we are both school teachers and a lot of names remind us of previous students who were punks. Any advice on some names would be greatly appreciated.


ericacarmack - July 7

me and my husband couldnt agree, until i had a dream were i was chasing a little that looked just like me and i was calling her katelyn- so we took that as a sign that she wanted that for her name! just wait alittle bit and something might come to yall like that.. but a boy name i do like is Dakota. it's an indian name and i havent met many ppl with that name. heh- if we were to have a boy we were going to name him Dakota Wylde or Jesse Wylde. (wylde after my favorite guitarist!)


nelly - July 7

I am in the same boat I will be induced in 2 weeks and 4 days and still no name!!!!! I am having a girl and we cant agree. Ryan is my husbands name also and we have decided that will be our daughters middle name but we have no first name. HELP ME!! Boy names I like are Kagen, Trevor, Trey,Caden, Aiden, Conner, Josh,Riley, Peyton emmmm, lets see,Tallon, thats what pops into my mind if you have any girl names throw them my way if you dont mind. Lots of Luck with everything.


jb - July 7

I like Ryan Patrick, its nice. I also like Dylan Micheal. Of course I dont know the last night so that might not go well.


jb - July 7

I meant I dont know the last name.


jj - July 7

i thought Kayden was soo cute...but got the hubby veto......


nelly - July 7

You could use Riley for a girls name. My friend at work has a daughter named Riley, I thinks its cute.


HDF - July 7

I had several boys names picked out, but we found out we're having a girl. We are now in the same boat, we just can not agree. Our boys names were Gabriel or Allistair with Hart as a middle name (that's my husband's middle name.)


JenniferB - July 7

My husband and I teach school too and had the same problem. I liked the name Scott but it happened to be the name of a student that flipped out on me and threw a chair at me. Cool huh? I think Victoria Ryan sounds pretty. I also like Emerson, Madeline, Molly, and Gemma.


JenniferB - July 7

I am sorry Kel, I am so d__n tired and my baby is still up. I read all of the posts and nelly's got stuck in my head. So I told you about being a teacher and gave her some girl names lol. Let me think for a bit. I will come up with some boy ones for you.


JenniferB - July 7

My baby is named Elijah but it wasn't my first choice. It was just the only one that we could agree on. I liked Sebastian but my husband said that it reminded him of the crab in Little Mermaid. I like Adam, Dominic, Jameson, Kyle, Luke, Mason, Quinn, and Zachary.


Jessica F. - July 7

Gabriel Nicholas is the name we picked out for a boy, we had the same problem picking names out and how we picked ours was, I took the baby name book and marked beside all the names I liked and DH did the same. This was a combination I came up with that we both liked because we both had picked these names. Good luck it took us 2 months to decide. I was adamant about picking names for both genders in case we didn't get what the ultrasound says we'll get. Still don't know that either!


Jodie - July 8

We agreed on the first name we found. Cohen (ko-en). We just can't come up with a middle name. We want to go with dads middle name... Cohen Joseph, how do you think that sounds?


Jamie - July 8

To HDF - Gabrielle could be your girl's name, if you like Gabriel for a boy. Kel - my husband and I picked out Aidan Cael for a boy, but we're having a girl, so she'll be Serenity Yvonne. The good thing about being America is EVERY name is American! That's why we're the melting pot/ethnic stew.


diazmommy - July 8

You want to talk boy names eh? Ok I have had 6 boys and am expecting my 7th son. Here we go: Patrick Ivan, Joshua Ryan, Matthew Adam, Andrew Michael, Timothy David, and Phillip Jose. We have no idea what to mane this one. So far we are calling it Chewbacca


JenniferB - July 8

Chewbacca! Thats terrible! lol Man all those boys I would have run away by now. You are a brave woman.


Julz - July 8

I love the name Kaydence for a girl, but my brother's daughter is Kaydence, so if we have a girl, she'll be Mischa (yes, after Mischa Barton), but we don't have a middle name yet. If it's a boy, he'll be Keagan Stylez.



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