Is Anyone S Man In The Army

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krc - December 16

Hey to all.... my man wants to join the army and if all goes well, leave for bott camp after the new year. The thing that worries me is that possibility of him getting a tour in Iraq or Afghanistan shortly after he finishes up basic training/AIT school. We just got married and i'm 12 weeks pregnant..... I personally think joining the army is an irrisponsible choice in regards to just starting a family. I am being selfish in the fact that I don't want to have just had a baby, get stationed somewhere with no family or friends, just married, and BOOM....he gets orders for a year long tour overseas. I wish he'd consider the air force or navy.... but he's stuck on the army. Any thoughs on the matter? I feel like he isn't thinking about our family!


only_three_shots - December 16

Sorry sweetie but the Navy would be no different. I know this because I was in the Navy for 9 years as was my DH. I can say that we wish we were still in. well, at least that he was.The benefits cannot be beat and the military is like a big family. Yes, you could go to a new place where you know noone, but trust me military wives are a close knit group and they have a lot of different methods of helping each other. As far as him getting deployed, that is a risk he is willing to take to ensure the financial stability of you and the baby! How can you possible consider that he is not thinking of you? I would say that it is all he is thinking about. He woiuld be the one to miss the babies milestones and he is willing to miss those things FOR YOU! So basically, yes, I would say your being a tad selfish. Try to look at what he is willing to sacrifice for you and the baby. especially in the surrent economy I am suprised more parents or soon to be parents aren't making a wise choice like your young man is.


Erica9901 - December 16

My dad's best friend is a now retired Army Colonial and have awesome benefits - gets 5 grand a month for doing nothing, not to mention the health & housing benefits. As for now, it is a sacrfice, but it is an amazing thing he's doing for the country, and his family. As a PP poster said it is great benefits, you'll meet new people and travel. He's helping to secure the freedom we all enjoy.... I would recommend that he try to finish college first, at least the first 2 years - you go in at a different level. Good luck, try and make it work - Soliders Rock!!!=)



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