Is Anyone Showing At 10 Weeks

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Tammy - March 23

i am 10 weeks and showing and was wondering if anybody else is!


louise - March 23

are you having a multiple birth, if you dont know , it could be a possibility


Tammy - March 23

i sure hope not i am only 16 and this was not planed


Heidi - March 23

Not really. I look like I've gained some belly weight but I can still fit into all my jeans. I've gained a few pounds. I'll be at 10 weeks tomorrow. Is this your first pregnancy?


louise - March 23

right, not many people show at 10 weeks, it has been known but generally, the fetus is behind the pelvic wall until 12 weeks so a bump is therfore not produced. i wouldnt think it would show but you can gain weight. i think when your pregnant the body starts to store a bit of excess fat in order to keep it in supply for when the body needs to turn it into milk for the baby. when is your first scan?


D - March 23

I'm showing a little at 10w. At my exam, the doc was surprised that my uterus was well above the pelvic wall. She wanted to check for twins... but what I have is a fibroid that looked to me to be twice as large as the baby. I was quite happy to accept stretch marks for a baby, but a fibroid too??? Argh!


Mac - March 23

Tammy, I am 14 wks, and I look like I'm about 5 months, and I've looked that way since about my 11th week......the doctor only heard one heartbeat, but after she found it, she didn't exactly look for another one so I think I'm just having one BIG baby....I don't know if it's got anything to do with it, but my husband is 6 ft. 7 in... and 265 lbs...and he was 11 lbs. when he was born, his mother told me that when she was pregnant with him, she got really big really fast... :-)


Holly - June 13

I'm about 10 weeks and starting to show..I'm glad I'm not the only one.


stephanie - June 13

I didn't start showing until about 24 weeks....different for everyone this your first?


Amy - July 12

Hey!!! congratulations!!!! I am 10 weeks pregnant also with my second and i haven't even gained a single pound yet!!!!....maybe you could be having twins!?!?!?!


m.m - July 14

Hi! Im 11 weeks don't show yet lost about 9 pounds cuz of the morning sickness still have it but not as much good luck with ur pregnancy this my 2nd misscarried my 1st at about 6 weeks,,



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