Is Anyone Showing At 14 Weeks

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Tamara * - March 24

is anybody showing at 14 weeks


Julie - March 24

It's my first pregnancy. At 12 weeks I didn't fit into my normal pants. I had to go get maternity pants. I felt bloated. The doctor is suspecting twins....maybe you are?


Billie - March 24

I was very small to begin with so I started to show at around 12-13 weeks.


Andrea - March 24

I am ten weeks but look like 16. This my third pregnancy. I have heard that with each pregancy you begin to show sooner. Is this your first?


Cole - March 24

I am 14 weeks, and I look like I'm 5 months! I had 1 miscarriage, so this is my 2nd time being pregnant, but I have no children yet...I'm really excited and really shocked and how big I am already....


Jamie - March 25

I started showing in January - I'm right now 20 yeah, I guess I started showing around 12 weeks.


nicole - March 28

Im 14 weeks on Wednesday and this is my first pregnancy. My clothes all feel tight and uncomfortable, my husband says its just an excuse to shop! I can't wait to have a big bump because at the moment, I just look like Im getting a bit fat.


To Nicole - March 28

I totally and completely sympathize! I'm 20 weeks, and just now starting to look "pregnant" rather than "fat"


Robyn - March 28

Yep, 10 weeks and showing...but I am having twins..


Bonnie - March 28

I'm 14 weeks as well. I am showing also- my stomach is very distended.


Julie - March 28

I'm 14 weeks and showing!! I was worried also thats what brought me to this site. I guess we are alright! Bonnie


Sindel - March 28

I am 15wks and im not really showing at all.. the weight gain jumps from 3 to 4lbs.the only real change ive noticed and much to the excitement of my fiance is my b___bs have gotten much larger.. and sore =\


Angie - March 30

I feel like I'm showing at 7 weeks!! Am I losing my mind??


KAREN - April 4

I am 14 weeks and just barlely showing, I suspect that I look like I am getting fat. I had a few people ask if I am so I quess you can tell now, I had a flat stomach before and now there is a puch, I am now wearing some of my maternity clothes. Cant wait to show totally so people can stop wondering if I am getting fat I can see the looks !! All the best ladies


Sonya - April 5

I am 13 weeks and I am totally showing. I was with a friend yesterday who is one week ahead of me and she doesn't look pregnant at all. I not only have bulging belly but under the b___bs is bigger and rounding. I showed early with my first son too. I was told by an OB nurse that I show early because I have a tilted uterus. I don't know if it is true but it makes me feel better anyway.


L - April 5

Hey guys...for the early showers with the little pooch, can u describe it? It is under belly b___ton, etc...Also, check out They have some pics...perhaps u can describe yours to me relative to theirs cause I am wondering the same thing, distinguishing bloat from baby....thanks


amy - April 5

Im on my second pregnancy and I am almost 10 weeks and I am showing and have been for 3 weeks, anyone else?? I feel like im the only one.



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